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7.400.0 Live Feedback for 12.23.2021

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Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game on the most recent patch. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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Is it intended to have Dregs wildland zones with only 2 grave sites?  

This current Dregs, Trik has two grave sites. 

The entire campaign has one Rank 10 Stoneborn grave. 

Should each region be able to provide Rank 10 Graves of each kind, or should this be our expectation of distribution going forward?  


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Blackguard Promotion : Ressourceful Tactics.

5% Life Leech - for 10 seconds then 16 seconds cooldown.

This is an -extremely- underwhelming promotional power.  Not only that but it -also- requires you to take Blinkstep making it a 2 Talent Point Cost.  For what?

In order to heal 100 health the assassin has to deal 2000 damage.  Over the course of a fight a Blackguard will if damage specced run around 500-700 DPS on a -target dummy- meaning perfect scenario with multiple targets.  Put that into gameplay terms though and PvP that will be closer to 250-500 DPS.    

Keynode : Yagas Gift

250 Health on a Toxin application with a 5 second ICD

When using Toxin application it means using certain damaging abilities (not taking disciplines which give you toxin application abilities into account as not every assassin takes the same) – since the 5 second cooldown then limits any healing done it means if you -want- to heal you have to delay using said abilities till the internal CD runs out.  Ultimately it means : Don’t use your toxins if you want to get an effect from Yagas Gift, or in other words – delay doing any damage in order to heal 250 health.

Toxin Sources
- Instant Toxin - Blinkstep and Sneak Attack (Only works from stealth and if used from stealth chances are the 250 healing you get isn’t needed.  Once used, you can forget about using it again.  So I’m completely removing Sneak Attack from this list, because it’s a 1 time use at a stage of a fight where you don’t need the healing anyways.)
- Deadly Toxin – Garrote
- Shiv – Reapply above mentioned Toxis.

Blink Step : 26 seconds cooldown. 
Garrote : 26 seconds cooldown.
Shiv : 14 Seconds cooldown.

Picture : Top = If you want -any- healing done that is the rotation and timestamp you will have to follow.  2000 healing after 41 seconds.  The bottom is the present rotation …


When you compare the 2.. think about DAMAGE – you are completely removing the Toxin Damage effects from the assassin.  When you have then considered that for a minute then tell me… which assassin will -ever- last -any- fight for 43 seconds?

Keynode : Efficient Poisons.

Removes 5% enemy Psn Armor when you apply a Toxin to the target.

Again a node that absolutely REQUIRE another talent : SHIV.  The talent tree is thus -forcing- you to take another node to gain an effect, it’s not impactful on its own.

Vandal Promotion : Irresistable

Apply a CC and see the stamina drain SLOWLY over 6 seconds.  With how retaliate and ultimates are spread across the board and how easily it is to just IGNORE this completely, then I strongly advice you to readdress how fast/slowly stamina should be drains, in it’s current form this has no effect on gameplay what so ever.

Filler node : Poison Mastery

Blocking Targets that loose Stamina is under the same limitations as Irresistable – it doesn’t have any serious effect in gameplay.

Cutthroat Promotion : BloodThirsty

When you get 5 attacks from behind then this kicks into effect.  -Assuming- you have Expose on your target you have 1 ability that acts as “from behind”, and that is Backstab.  Backstab has a cooldown of : 7 seconds.  Assuming you get your initiation from Blinkstep or Sneak Attack that is 1, then Backstab that is 2… but then before you can get stack 4 stack 1 falls off due to cooldowns.  In effect if you play super clean this is at best at 9% Damage Bonus. 

Cutthroat Promotion : Decimate

As an execute ability that is suppose to wreck things, it’s interesting how compared to the Archmage abilities : death Shard and Crystal Lance.  The Assassin has to build 5 PiPs before it starts to scale.  Time spend… Decimate damage is strong but it’s on a limitation of having to build 4-5 PiPs to make it effective.

General Pips :

Disappear when you go through Portals – has been stated for the past 3 years in the bug forum.

General : Toxins

When the assassin was “revamped” a while back a lot of their abilities damage and how it acted was transferred into the application of various toxins : Slowing/Black Mantle, Instant and Deadly.  The -amount- of applications more than quadrupled, meaning the Toxins the assassin use also took a durability hit that is 4 times larger than before, problem is that the toxins durability was never changed.

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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It is absolutely ridiculious how much you screwed over the assasins with this change. Even in PvE situations the healing now sucks, you have nearly no self sustain anymore.

For what are assasins stealthers, which were always not efficent in large, but only small scale and skirmishes, to now have to have a healer with you for even simple things, First you hit the blackguard with the dagger spin, which was fine, because it was super strong before, but then you take away quite a lot of sustain with the changes to sturdy and now you take away the healing. are assasins old frail things now, which can just be thrown over? The assasin has hardly anything with range, we need to go all in, there are just no other viable options and to take away every sustain they have is ridiculous.

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So apparently, the frostweaver passive "cold-to-the-touch" cannot stun minotaurs, despite it not being a frontal stun, as it applies to them after 5 stacks of ice crystals. The cold-to-the-touch frostbite still applies to them, so I know they have built up the stacks to proc the passive.

Same issue with concussive trap not being able to stun minos. Again, how is it a frontal stun?

And honestly, maybe that racial passive could use some tweaking. A guildie suggested, similar to how knockdowns have half the duration on a stoneborn, why not have stuns have half the duration when applied to a mino? Because right now, it seems like just about every stun is a frontal stun to a mino, which feels very unfair, and makes minos harder to counter. So let's do away with that triviality, make all stuns apply, just half as long.

Edited by Sulong
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7 hours ago, Soulreaver said:

Assuming- you have Expose on your target you have 1 ability that acts as “from behind”, and that is Backstab.

I'm pretty sure there is an ability that makes all attacks from Cutthroat act as if they are from behind. Tho, it has been a while since I played one (which kinda speaks to the post in general, but...)

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There is no reason to play any other classes other than cleric/ arch-mage / barb/ and myrmidon
those classes have more damage, survivablity, mobility and CC than anyone else, the barb and myrmidon are more effective than any non cleric healer, and nearly unstoppable if they are Minotaur.  All the try hards are using them, everyone who enjoys the game and any of the other classes just logs off now after 1 encounter, hardly anyone wants to play

frontal stun immunity has to go
Arch-mage burst damage needs to be tuned
barb sustain is too high. An ult that heals/cc/and pdm baked into 1 button that is up more than it isnt while my brigand gets 30% heal with a low life-steal mechanic
clerics have too much self sustain compared to other healers

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On 12/26/2021 at 12:35 PM, Cheech said:

Overseer tower just adds to the travel, remove it from game, we have to much distance to travel as it is


I have really enjoyed the towers, although they are bugged and you don't have to fully cap them to access. so half the time I would run up there only to find the person gone because they only had to neutral the overseer, also lets the controlling group know someone is coming for the goodies.

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Balancing : 

You removed all the top end damage?  What about the Parry of the Templar specced right can hit easily for 4+k  
Healing you nerfed the Assassin to do 250 per 5 sec.. how does that relate to the 400-500 from the Barbs that heal on CC and all their abilities are CC?  

When balancing you have missed the mark and made the Assassin (read Cutthroat and Vandal) completely useless in any scale, and the Blackguard, while it can work is not exactly on top ATM either.


Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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You changed something with Personal Damage Modifier which has suddenly made Holy Damage from Clerics etc. EXTREMELY overpowering and this needs to be addressed before the next patch somehow.

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So, the Pit Fighter modifies the Leap to "heal when used below 50% health but only once every 90 seconds". After playing around with the Pit for a little bit, I really didn't notice that heal at all, so I did some testing and found out that it heals me 5 times over 10 seconds (once every 2 seconds) for 80HP. Meaning, I get about 400HP when I'm under 50% Health but only once every 90 seconds and I made this post to ask if this is an out of season April Fools joke or not. It's so bad, if it wouldn't exist, I wouldn't even notice it, in fact, as stated earlier, I didn't notice it. A recommendation would be to slap a zero behind it and make it 4000 HP, so the 90 seconds cooldown can be justified. (I do think though that 4000HP would be quite a lot, so meet me in middle and maybe 2000?) Another option maybe to remove the cooldown and the 50% Health restriction and whenever I leap I get a little bit of HP back? (Because that's what it is, a little bit of HP.)

Pit Fighter is currently outclassed by the Barbarian in almost every single way because they get a 400HP heal whenever they CC someone (and their leap also knocks down, so its literally a better defensive tool than the one from the defensive class).

I do think that Pit doesn't need that much to be more viable again. I don't want it to be OP, just a little bit better maybe and I think that fixing the Pit Fighter's leap could be enough to do so.

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3 hours ago, Retchet said:

You changed something with Personal Damage Modifier which has suddenly made Holy Damage from Clerics etc. EXTREMELY overpowering and this needs to be addressed before the next patch somehow.

That was not a cleric lol


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