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I think something is wrong with our keep in Dregs


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Players who aren't in our guild or alliance are able to exploit a bug that puts the guards into perpetual reset mode while the interlopers are free to do whatever they want.

Is there a way to make the guards actually do something about this? We have ranged guards all around the keep but they don't do anything except "evade"

Is this by design?


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Hi Retchet! so the guards do actually fight the players but are limited by how far they can chase someone. For knight guards who's a melee guard will "evade" back to its natural spawning/guarding spot when the guard either runs to far away from where it got pulled from or when it can no longer reach / go to the player it has aggro on.

I been watching the video you linked in your post(s) and I cant find any part that shows an exploit being used, could you please add a timestamp to where you find someone exploiting a bug?

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