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Costume Items And Eternal Kingdom/campaigns

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What I'd like to see is unrestricted transfer of costume items between the Eternal Kingdom and whichever Campaigns your character is in. 


There'd be no effect on stats or gameplay.


It would facilitate RP, both direct and indirect.


It would encourage purchase of said costume items from the cash shop (making Artcraft money), since they'd be able to be used at any time.


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I love the idea of costume items, and I'm in support of any idea that promotes RP.


Has Artcraft mentioned anything about costume items or is this your idea?  I think having costume items, or maybe more options for said items, would be a great incentive for VIP membership.

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Artcraft have mentioned there will be costume items, I think in the FAQ somewhere... but I haven't seen anything more about them than that.


VIPs do get a discount on the cash shop, and you'll be able to buy cosmetic items there.


Hopefully they'll support the RP crowd to a degree. I know in Rift, some people spend a LOT of money creating some pretty amazing things in the housing instances (dimensions), despite the serious limitations present. It'd be healthy for Crowfall, and fun for us. Even those who disdain RP will often appreciate choice in appearance through costuming, I bet.

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What kinds of costumes would you like to see in that case however?


Costumes that would fit the universe, as possible within our limited knowledge.


I'm all for it though, to have purely cosmetic gear without stats. But I just hope nothing too wacky, for I fear that won't fit the style of the game. But that does complicate things, because it doesn't leave you with a lot of options.


Costumes could be useful in PVP metagame however, to disguise what kind of gear you are wearing (if that's going to play a role) if it goes over your gear, if it completely replaces it. It just becomes a brilliant trolling device for skilled players.

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I am fairly certain I had read a Dev post or interview (currently searching, may be mistaken) where they stated costume pieces won't be available in campaigns mainly due to what was already mentioned in this thread.


They want players to be able to visually determine what they are up against and don't want the costume mechanic to be an advantage for players who try to hide what build they have.

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