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Idea for Building Mats/Forts


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Figured it's about time I joint the forum space and get some ideas out there that have been floating around in my grey matter.

Been trying to think of ways to bring more content (Instead of searching endlessly in huge maps)

I think there is a consensus that the current "mountains" for gathering stone/ingots/wood and making the long run is not fun. Getting the buff for a key, then running to the end of the map for wood, then running across 3 maps to your keep, is no bueno.

I have a general idea that the community might be able to change/add-on to.

What if capturing a fort gave you the ability to gather the mats instead of the tower buff? And what if those mats didn't spawn until a fort was under an alliance flag. Then maybe they spawn every hour while it's captured and only that alliance can gather the mats.

Maybe put a fort near each mountain. Those specific forts don't count for conquest points and can be taken 24hrs day.

Let's be honest, some forts are worth fighting for, building up, and defending (because of location to nearby hotzones and harvesting runs... but some are just useless (Except for circle standing/conquest points).

An example. If I was to log in, and see that <insert guild here> had one of these forts, there's a good chance I could head there and find some content.

This is just an idea, and I'm sure all of you people smarter than me can make this idea work somehow... Or hate on it... 

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