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What Class Will You Choose?

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I played a human confessor, a minobarb, a centaur prelate, and a bird thief at one time or another over the years in Shadowbane... I think this time I'll go with an Elken of some kind and try to stay at range.


Though this is subject to change, radically, as class and race information becomes available. :)

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Hoping the stalker will be a bit like the scout.


If not, hoping the ranger will be a bit like the scout.. heh


This game looks like a larger scale version of marvel heroes so far with forts.  - nephiral marts 7 2015


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The typical answer to this question will be "whatever the Internet says min/maxes the best this month".


Shadowbane was funny that way. Someone would build something really off the wall, like ye olde Centaur Prelate Bomb, then roll some folks with it, and all of a sudden the build was all over the forums as the new greatest thing ever.


Right after this you would see a hundred copies of the 'killer build' running around getting roflstomped for like two weeks, then a lot of posts about how the build sucked (because the people rolling that build sucked), which would then dissuade people from using it ever again...


And this process would repeat with the next skilled player doing something crazy.


I hope that becomes a thing again - that was amazing to watch. :)

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Whatever's the op flavor of the month.

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Usually the sneaky type. So Assassin or Ranger, probably Assassin because metal in the face > ranged coward playstyle. Funny enough, Templar looks also cool in the videos, could be too much on the tanky side though.

"Kansas City Shuffle - When everybody looks right, you go left."

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I'd love to see a bard class - even if I've never been able to take one seriously since Everquest.




I miss my Minstrel from DAoC - had so much fun charming pets and watching my purple con buffed pet 1 shot people outside of the Midgaurd keep!


I did have a ton of fun playing my scout in Darkness falls!


Side note, a Darkness Falls type instance woudl be amazing!

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Sneaky physical dps (melee and/or archery) types.


Assassin is currently seemingly only available to amazon fairies and Stalker is raced by deerman.  So either those archetypes open up to other less 'unusual' races (and not gender locked) or from the currently available archetypes I'm hoping the Ranger can be a stealthy rogue type.  lol


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I'm having a tough time settling on my choices. I'm leaning toward Templar and Legionnaire (obviously subject to change as information is released) and the last slot is completely up in the air. So many fun archetypes to daydream about.

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