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Hit box inconsistencies (range priority?)


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I've combed through a lot of footage, most my own, others from guild mates. I'm noticing a trend when it comes to abilities hitting the wrong character. On each example I notice that the player hit, despite being a few meters to the left or right of the reticle on some instances, happens to be closer to the player. For instance... This is from last nights siege defense 


I start my rescue on BD:



When the animation finishes, I rescued Father Jim:



That one was close, lets look at a more egregious one...

I am trying to rescue Popo. As you can see, this is where my reticle is when the ability is pressed (Ability grayed out before CD comes up)



Ability on cooldown, I am at the end of the animation, healing ticks... It topped off Yoink instead of rescuing my target



Again, it's kind of close but it's still fairly obvious who I am aiming at:


I thought that maybe it's just the rescue ability, however, Filthy's book clapping has a similar trend:




I know the hitboxes do not have a strict boundary around the outline of the player model but some of these instances seem pretty ridiculous. I can adjust for the tighter windows but when an ability misses so bad, like you see with the Popo attempt, you start to wonder if the hitbox around the character is damn near 50% larger than the model or some type of close-range priority is built into the game. Either way, it makes for inconsistent PvP as I can't trust that my abilities will hit where I am aiming if any of my friendlies are marginally close to me and within view. 


I came to the PvP section to see if anyone else is experiencing this? Hopefully, ACE/Monumental can take a look at this to give us more consistent game play. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. 


The BD miss will be in my next video. The other misses are from the following videos:

Healing Ksuil instead of Filthy - https://youtu.be/-Sivhtfva1U 

Filthy Book clapping the wrong person - https://youtu.be/OJYPrt-SNSM

Healing Yoink instead of Poporo - https://youtu.be/cQsVBtYKLFA


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Created a quick mock up of hitbox size. Even if the hitbox is that large (Which is comically bad, I hope this isn't accurate), they should adjust for which player is closest to the reticle instead of the closest hitbox (good idea from Jah). 


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This has been an issue forever. I found an old image from when I wrote about this from May 2020. Back then I thought it was a projectile size issue.



Edited by Yoink


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The issue always seemed intermittent to me, which makes me think it's some sorta issue of projectile size/aim assist behaving weird sometimes.


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