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Publish 7.500.0 Update Notes 1.24.2021

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Update 7.500.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback

Known Issue: 
Sometimes when a member of a guild captures a keep or if a guild loses their Tree of Life the members of the guild in that zone will be teleported to the runegate


Modified Campaign Zone Rules:

  • Wildland zones can have up to 12 concurrent players per alliance
  • Adventure zones can have up to 25 concurrent players per alliance
  • Siege zones can have up to 50 concurrent players per alliance

Shadow Campaign

  • Modified the Shadow Campaign description to reflect that the drop gold rate is 100% on death
  • When the first player in a guild joins a non-Dregs campaign, the guild’s faction (Earth, Sun, or Moon) is set to the faction of the guild’s patron deity for the duration of the campaign.  If the guild changes their patron in Shadow they are in will retain their initial faction selection, but their faction will be updated in any new campaigns they may join.  Players not in a guild are unaffected by this change.
  • Added a warning tooltip to Campaign Details UI when a campaign is too close to the end for the player to qualify for rewards
  • Campaign Reward - Mystery Medal Box badges updated to encompass more potential effects. 
  • Campaign Reward - Mystery Medal Box badges are now flagged as No Drop No Trade.
  • Changing Faction now shows the correct tooltip to reflect your Respawn change to the new Faction
  • Changed several Victory Cards tooltips to indicate that you need to sacrifice at a specified god outpost rather than your temple
  • Fixed an issue with Fort Wall Health which made the walls appear to “regenerate”
  • Guard kill events will no longer display player names and now only display faction/guild names
  • Increasing the number of grave spawns in Wildlands by an average of 2 per zone
  • Reduced the amount of scaling applied to Fort Defenders for ranking up with Health increasing up to a maximum of +30% and damage increasing up to 20% at max rank
  • Spirit Overseers and their minions can now be afflicted with crowd control effects such as Knockdown or Stun
  • The Rewards window will now show whether the player has played enough of the current campaign to make them eligible for rewards


  • Animal Blood and Animal Bone now always drop as Common quality.
  • Item stacks that are placed in a Crafting ingredient slot can no longer be destroyed, split, or stacked
  • New Enchant Accessory Category
  • New Enchant Badge recipe
  • The Crafting UI now displays a different background image based on the station type

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added a tooltip to the build mode toggle
  • The EK build mode toggle is now also visible if the player is a vassal on any parcel in the EK
  • When a building is ejected while the owner of the building is in the EK, they will now receive a chat message that their building was mailed to their account vault.


  • Cairn UI properly clears if open when using the loot all interact
  • Fixed an issue where the campaign first joined time on the scenario rewards page wasn't set to the player's local time.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing shift-right-click while a search field is active caused items to be consumed instead of splitting the stack
  • Free for all loot is now available during a loot roll. If all free for all loot has been looted during the roll, the interact popup will say that loot is being rolled and the loot will be added to the corpse if every group member passes on it. 
  • Improved full vault warnings on rewards UI
  • Quick-selling should no longer leave an item being staged for sale in a locked state
  • Resetting windows will now be properly set to their default position.


  • Chat command list is now a floating window and can be repositioned by dragging
  • Chat settings and chat command buttons now open their window or focus it if already opened
  • Fixed an issue where trying to whisper to a player would fail if the command prompt already had a whisper for another player



  • Corrected an issue preventing Block abilities from protecting against the Pull effect in Knight Chain Pull.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented certain group buffs from affecting all group members within range.
  • Added missing percent symbol to Valkyn's Daze buff description.


  • Reduced the internal cooldown for Yaga's Gift to 1 second
  • Reduced cooldown of Blur to 24 seconds and increased the duration to 12 seconds
  • Reduced the cooldown of Blackjack Toss to 20 seconds
  • Updated description of Efficient Poisons to indicate it stacks a maximum of four times.
  • Updated Irresistible description to clarify that it "inflicts exhaustion upon an enemy when you apply crowd control."
  • Vandal Irresistible Passive ability Exhaustion effect has been changed and now causes Disease damage over time


  • Updated the description for Second Wind to explain it recovers Health every 2 seconds over 10 seconds while active when you avoid taking damage for at least four seconds.


  • Keen Guard Stamina Heal buff icon now matches the Keen Guard icon.


  • Death Shard now also removes the Frostbite when it hits
  • Reduced the damage caused by Crystal Lance Combo
  • Reduced the damage caused by Death Shard


  • Corrected an issue with Mighty Surge that might prevent it from activating when you perform any non-shield melee attack while also wielding a sword
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Skullcrusher buff to apply incorrectly
  • The Skullcrusher buff granted by Macemanship now displays the correct stat increase for the Movement Speed: In Combat stat
  • Updated Swordsmanship description to clarify that Mighty Surge increases the damage caused by Knight melee attacks


  • Fixed an animation issue with Bull Rush where the character would be stuck in a charging state if they were off-screen when the animation ended


  • Fixed a typo in the Templar's Paladin promotion
  • Reduced the overall damage of Righteous Parry



  • Corrected a few typographical errors in discipline abilities descriptions


  • Dirge of Dissonance no longer incorrectly shows an increase of duration from song duration modifiers and the description has been updated to indicate the power is not affected by song duration modifiers because increasing the duration of a damage over time effect actually makes the effect less powerful.


  • Corrected a typo in Needlin' Haystack buff display that had a  % sign

Holy Avenger

  • Changed Suns of Worvan to be a stackable barrier


  • First Wind will only heal if the player has not taken damage in the last four seconds.


  • Added a new Equipment Slot and icon for Holiday Event Items
  • Adjusted a crafting station in the intact villages to not intersect with a wall
  • After a player changes their faction at the kiosk, the runegates at the temple will not let you proceed through them. Players will have to use recall to leave the temple.
  • Correcting the icon of the Wolf's Claw and Ancient Wolf's Claw to be a claw, instead of a paw
  • Custom channel names are filtered for profanity
  • Loading large guilds in the social window should not cause unresponsive program warnings
  • Fixed a bug causing some map pin tooltips to display invalid grid coordinates and status
  • Fixed a few animation events played twice
  • Fixed an issue causing quest map pin tooltips to show invalid coordinates
  • Fixed an issue where the vault could be in an overflow state that didn’t match the UI and prevented losing VIP to cause this state
  • Fixed a typo in the Templar's Paladin promotion
  • Fixed old items losing soulbound status
  • Fountain of Life now displays the correct healing radius and fx. Updated the Fountain of Life description to be a little more clear that it should heal "each time (an ally) enters the Fountain area" and to explain how "healed allies may splash chain healing outside of the fountain radius to other nearby allies within 10m of them"
  • Player Vendor gold per tick adjusted from 5g to 4g
  • Stronghold building teardown warnings show the correct name of the building being torn down
  • Standing Crowfall Banner Deed item names are switched to make them more clear
  • Successful quick trade now takes players out of stealth 
  • The Critical Damage Cap has been reduced to 175 and the Critical Damage Cap Max to 200


  • Custom characters will now have access to the Vessel side quest
  • Fixed the level of NPCs in Skypoint
  • Lowering the levels of all Hot Zone enemies in Sky Point to 30 or below

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