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7.500.0 Live Feedback for 1.26.2021

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Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game on the most recent patch. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Revert the Bind on Purchase changes to Conquest Coin Loot bo... I mean Conquest Coin rewards back to Bind on Equip.

Please and thank you. 

Please stop pulling off all my characters gear when a Dregs/Shadows ends. 

Thank you for lowering Vendor upkeep by 20%.

Thank you for lowering Respec Tome gold cost. 


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Revert the change to Templar Parry and find a way to only impact the parry problem for the promotion that is the problem.

Level 35 Templar (paladin) - 362.51 AP / 110 DMG Sword / Full Purple mail set + DPS neck and one ring vs. Level 26/27 Skypoint mob = 1100 damage parry. Scale that up to a Level 35 Player and you are talking about 600 damage, maybe. This is pathetic and completely unacceptable.

Edited by Maverick494
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Can you please allow crafters to rename their stuff after it's already completed?  There are many times I'm trying to craft 4 or 5 items at once using a 10 minute Bon Tipper or Sapho Pot, and either I mispell the name, outright forget to change the name, or just don't have the time to waste.


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It would be a nice feature if the "Gaea's Tree of Life" EK building provided the same HP and resource regeneration like in-campaign. In particular, this would be beneficial for EK PvP arenas as a quick way to heal up between fights. Not a big deal, but again it would be a nice feature to add a little more "life" to EKs. ☺

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- Remove BOP on campaign rewards

- Remove or increase the number of import tokens we have, everyone already uses alts to mule imports....

- Maybe if someone has VIP, give them 20% more import tokens?

Edited by BigCrittyGF

"Your darkest secrets drawn out from within,

enticed by my flame and branded with sin."

- I do green numbers now...RIP pogfessor 😞📗♻️

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Import Token Idea: 

Freely give everyone the ability to import items and disciplines that are actively equipped on a character (maybe three or four times). After the fourth character import, the rest count against Guild Imports.

Give Guilds the tokens that any officer (or maybe member) can use (no initiates, please) to import items not currently equipped from their Vaults.

Cap the number of Guild Import Tokens based on the number of Accounts (not characters) that guild imports.

And, for the love of Valkyn, I sincerely hope you have been working on infrastructure to only tally accounts that have imported at least one character against the Alliance caps, and not the full Guild roster...  Can I please stop purging my dang roster of inactive guildies? Please?

Edited by Solstar
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