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Just A Fansite Maker Dude

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Hey, I'm GoodAndy. Some might know me from GW2 Census or Watch WildStar. Anyways, I'm here just like the rest of you and I'm certainly enjoying the kool-aid being offered. I am not scared to admit it. Yes, I'm making a little site for Crowfall but it won't be like my other sites: pretty much just a news blog. So yeah, I didn't wait to take up much of your time. Hi.


I'm going to include old logos in hope that it might make you remember if you had been to one of my projects. I love it when people have been to one of my sites!




GW2 Census was just a website for geeks. You could put in your desired character (from race, gender, class, and pick out your intent on it). Essentually, it was just a survey that you could then build dynamic charts based on what was currently in the database. It really shouldn't have gotten popular but it kind of it.



Watch WildStar was a much bigger project. Started with me by myself working from scratch to make a video sharing system because I expected a lot of machinima from WildStar. I later added in a census system (a very snazzy one at that), a dynamic counter for when betas and release happened, a stream lister (from Twitch and Hitbox) and finally a Reddit dev tracker. We also had podcasts and a diverse staff of streamers from all over the world. The channel even ended up getting partnered with Twitch.

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