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Publish 7.500.0 Update Notes 2.10.2022

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Happy Valkyntine’s Day



Crowfall’s Valkyntine’s Day event will Start February 10th (after our morning update) at 10 AM CST (5 PM CET) until February 25th at 9:00 AM CST (4 PM CET) and all are invited to participate. Visit the Mystery Vendor in Dregs or Shadow Temples and purchase the Supersaturated Sugar Solution and Harvesting Toolkit: Flavonoids to start this harvesting and crafting event. 

Please note: Bold names are holiday items



Supersaturated Sugar Solution / Gourmet Chocolate Bar


  • While the Valkyntine’s event is active, Supersaturated Sugar Solution can be purchased from the Mystery Vendor in Dregs and Shadow Temples.  

  • When a player has a Supersaturated Sugar Solution in their inventory, the Chocolate Bars cooking recipe now has an additive available with Supersaturated Sugar Solution which instead creates Gourmet Chocolate Bars



  • Using a Gourmet Chocolate Bar gives Sugar Inspirations buff which unlocks several holiday-themed cooking recipes which combine together to create a Bowl of Hard Candy which produces the currency used in this event, Cosmic Sours.



Cosmic Sours

The currency for the Valkyntine’s Event can be used to purchase rewards at the Holiday Vendor located in the Dregs / Shadow Temples. Cosmic Sours are produced by crafting and opening a Bowl of Hard Candy.


Bowl of Hard Candy

Combining 2 Infinite Snobgobblers, 5 Lemon Drops, 3 Rock Candy, 1 Fancy Serving Bowl (located on Food Vendors), and 24 Ethereal Dust creates a Bowl of Hard Candy. Using the Bowl of Hard Candy consumes the item and creates 3-10 Cosmic Sours.



Read on for what is needed to craft these various candies! 

First, there are two components required for several of the recipes, Malic Acid and Simple Syrup.

Malic Acid

Combining 2 Apples, 2 Wartribe Coins, 18 Ethereal Dust, and 2 Water flasks creates 5 Malic Acid.  Malic Acid is used in Infinite Snobgobbler and Lemon Drops recipes.




Simple Syrup

Combining 4 Sugarcane, 3 Water Flask, and 18 Ethereal Dust creates 5 Simple Syrup.  Simple Syrup is used in Infinite Snobgobbler, Lemon Drops, and Rock Candy recipes



Combining these components with other ingredients produces the three types of candies for the event

Lemon Drops

Combining 1 Simple Syrup, 1 Malic Acid, and 6 Ethereal Dust creates 1 Lemon Drops.  5 Lemon Drops are used in the Bowl of Hard Candy Recipe.


Rock Candy

Combining 2 Simple Syrup, 1 Roasting Stick, and 8 Ethereal Dust creates 1 Rock Candy.  3 Rock Candy are used in the  Bowl of Hard Candy Recipe.


Infinite Snobgobbler

Combining 1 Simple Syrup, 1 Malic Acid, 10 Ethereal Dust, and 3 Infinite Flavonoid (see below) creates 1 Infinite Snobgobbler.



Infinite Flavonoid

With a Harvesting Toolkit: Infinite Flavonoids (available on the Mystery Vendor in Dregs and Shadow Temples) equipped in the Holiday Item Slot, harvesting plants in Dregs or Shadow non-Temple zones has a chance to harvest an Infinite Flavonoid in addition to the normal plants harvested.  3 Infinite Flavonoids are used in the Infinite Snobgobbler recipe.                       





With the Cosmic Sours produced by the Bowl of Hard Candy, players can purchase a variety of unique rewards from the vendor named Valentina while the Valkyntine’s event is active.  Each reward has a different cost.




Hard Candy Heart Badge

When equipped, this Badge increases your Experiment Difficulty Reduction by 5.


Charm: Heart of the Crafter

While this item is in your inventory, the Charm increases all advanced crafting profession Experimentation and Experimentation values by 5



Enchant: Badge - Anti-Critical Damage


Enchant: Badge - Resist All


Enchant: Badge - Harvesting Damage


Enchant: Badge - Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction



These enchants are combined with 5 Domination Dust, 4 Chaos Embers, and a Badge to add additional stats to a single Badge you’ve obtained from other promotions and events.



Example: Bug Finder Badge (Before Enchants)


Example: Bug Finder Badge (After Enchant)


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