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What is the concept behind barbs?


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Seriously, WTF?

  • CC immunity 10/30s  without freedom fighter
  • Multiple leaps
  • Movement speed +20%
  • Heal bigger than cleric illuminate, which damages enemies around you
  • Passive Heal & attack buff when CC'd
  • Suppress
  • Knockdown

Why do I even bother with CC effects when I am playing against this?

Can't kite it.  it out heals you.  And when it finally lands a hit you are dead in 3 hits (one killed me in 2s during fort fight today with 8k damage).

Maybe we should all just play barb.  Maybe change the name to Barbfall.

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My biggest gripe about barbarian is that they flee as soon as they aren't winning the fight. Everytime. Without any way of catching them.

The other day, we were 5 chasing a barbarian and it took us several tries to down him because he was able to flee everytime.

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Yes, it is a bit silly at the moment of the amount of effort to try catch one before they can run from outposts to the safety of Portals. They can do that with the amount of CC immunity from three Ults, Powers, movement speed, access to Wind, Freedom Fighter, and racials. It'd probably be quite confusing to a new group of players.

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