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Fixing Arch Druid


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Fixing Druids 7.600
Fixing druids needs to be approached in multiple phases.  The first phase will be fixing the bugs in the the current mechanics.  Once bugs are fixed look at the role and balance of the class.


  • * Orbs become non-interactive when hit by overgrowth (always) or player is stunned (intermittent).   Orb are  a significant part of the promotions damage and provide 90% of the group & self heals
  • Hot bar switch is on GCD.  there should be NO cooldown on hotbar swap. zero, zilch.  Game breaking for druid.

Hotbar switch being on GCD makes switching hot bars interruptible and inconsistent.  

This is a HUGE problem because if you get stuck in life bar and your essence is over 80% you lose life.  In fact you can lose half your health without a player doing any damage to you simply because you were interrupted / stunned in a hot-bar swap.

hotbar swap isn't an ability.  it doesn't impact anyone other than the druid.  After your hotbar swap you still need to deal with cooldown for each actually ability used.

  • Gaia's wail and overgrowth share the same dot and overwrite each other.  This dramatically drops AD dps and makes each skill questionable since the only difference is insta cast and ground target AOE.  Fix this by making this damage stackable.  druid DPS is not over whelming and most abilities are slow casting, unlike most other classes.

Fixing Ultimate
* Allow movement during ultimate.  
Part of the problem for druid is survivability and getting "stuck in the fetal position" while generating mediocre damage and poorly made dergsty self HOT severly limits survivability.   Start fixing this by allowing movement while using the ultimate.

Group Role
In theory, arch-druid could excel at crowd control (grapsing roots, overgrowth, shroud of darkness, call storm) and black mantle (grapshing roots).  In reality excessive immunity to CC (ultimates, barbs) makes the CC abilities nearly worthless.  

Some ideas are....
* Black mantle is nice but 500pts heal absorbtion every 23s isn't alot.   Reduce grasping roots cool-down (for AD promotion) 
* or... add an ability which debuffs healing abilities.
* or... add an ability which disrupt barriers

I would certainly start by fixing bugs, then look at balancing the rest of the class.

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  • BunionToes changed the title to Fixing Arch Druid

A problem I heard when they tried no GCD bar swap, the game's desync meant they couldn't stop abilities from the previous bar going off.

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after playing the AD a bit with the new changes this is what I noticed.


Buniontoes is spot on on his take of tray swapping it's clucky and you get caught in trays very easily because of the global cool down.


The new range  is nice but the main problem for the AD still persists. Burst damage is almost non existent, there is little to no damage mitigation, and because the abilities take  different stats the AD effectiveness is extremely hampered and requires almost shoe horns you into certain choices.


I came up with a workable build but there is almost no choice in how it is constructed. I have to take half elf for both heritages to get attack power and range distance bonus, I have to take supreme element again for attack power, then I have to take storm for access to weapon finess for attack power, then shield fighter again for more attack power and a very tiny bit of mitigation from the buckler.


Some suggestions:

let AD use plate

Give AD access to the buckler with the promotion. they are supposed to be the hybrid between SC and EK, so give them the staff from EK and the buckler from SC.

Bump their attack power up a bit more. 

give them another shield ability, it doesn't need thorns like bark skin it can just be a shield and call it something like stone skin.

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