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The Dregs Wolfe Campaign!


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Dregs Wolfe Campaign Schedule (6 player groups)

The Dregs Wolfe Campaign Starts: Monday, April 11th, 4 PM CDT (11 PM CEST)
The Dregs Wolfe  Campaign Ends: Sunday, April 24th, 11 PM CDT (Monday, April 25th, 6 AM CEST)

Imports & Win Conditions for those Fighting for Victory!

  • No Import/ No Export 
  • Any characters created/leveled during the campaign and any vessels consumed by a character will still be available after the end of the Campaign, but due to the unique nature of this Dregs, no items or disciplines can be Exported.
  • We will be granting an additional bonus character slot to everyone that has purchased the game when we launch this new Dregs Campaign

Win Conditions & Conquest Points

  • Although no items can be Exported from this Campaign, Rewards will be available at the completion of the Campaign for the most Conquest Points, as well as Divine Favor in the categories Glory, Wealth, and Power 
  • See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details on winners and rewards!


  • Players can only enter with a level 1 character. (This will create a race to the top end as players level and establish logistics chains)
  • 2-week duration.
  • Double XP from NPC Kills. (4x for Hotzones)
  • "Lite Mode" Harvesting - A much, much simpler Harvesting progression, all 5 professions from "default mode" boiled down into 1 profession and one Harvesting Discipline so that Harvesting advances very quickly. Players can craft their own tools as they upgrade their harvesting discipline (initially available for purchase or found by harvesting resources.)
  • "Lite Mode" Crafting 
    • Recipes require 1 step and there is no experimentation (down from 7 steps in some cases)
    • (Quality of resources will still cause the items to be slightly better stats-wise from each other, i.e. use blue resources instead of white ones if you can). 
    • There is no Discipline for crafting type, every player has access to all recipes, just go to the correct crafting station (ie go to the Woodworking station for a Bow). 
  • Resources are tiered 
    • For example, for Ore there is basic, copper, tin, iron, silver, Aurelium.
      • These require vendor molds instead of lots of individual parts.
      • Does not require any discipline to craft higher tiers.
    • Higher tiers require a higher-level character to equip.
    • Higher tiers require a higher-level Fort to create 
      • Tiers 1-3 can be made in the Temple, 
      • Tiers 4-5 require the Forts to have their walls built and level the Fort to 5, and 10. 
  • The rarity of crafted weapon output depends on material rarity input
  • There are no Alchemy/Necromancy/Stonemasonry recipes in crafting lite mode, for character levels 30+ you can buy vessels from vendors. (Epic/legendary vessel vendors are only available in upgraded Forts)
  • The Campaign is limited to 12 players logged into the world from a single Guild/Alliance. (ideally, this prevents "the zerg", and creates a much "fairer" feeling playing field)
  • No intermediate -> advanced weapon recipes.
    • equipping the Ultra-Mega Harvester gives you the runemaking recipes for Intermediate Harvesting tools
  • Sieges: 
    • Forts and hotzones only, no keeps
  • Forts:
    • Only Timber is required for upgrading forts
    • Crafting vendors appear in captured forts
    • Vessel vendors appear in upgraded forts. Higher fort level = high rarity vessel vendors
  • Temples:
    • NPCs between levels 1-30 are available in the Temple
    • Player vendors removed
    • Enemy camps and POIs added
    • All factions can go in between all temples, but PVP is turned off

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