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Publish 7.700.0 Update Notes 4.4.2022

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Update 7.700.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback

Upcoming Dregs Changes - Please see our Blog post and also our FAQ for more information on the upcoming changes to Dregs 

7.700 Dreg's Fort Progression

  • Capture Fort 
    • Can interact with:
      • War Table
      • Mystery Vendor
      • World Bank Chests
      • Conquest Points
  • Walls Fully Built 
    • Vendors Spawn:
      • Food Vendor
      • Stablehand Vendor
      • Crafting Supplies Vendor
      • Common, Uncommon, Rare Vessel Vendors
  • Fort Rank 2 
    • Buff Pedestal which grants Random Buff Appears inside Lodge
    • Scroll Case equipment slot granted via passive power
  • Fort Rank 5 
    • Tier 4 Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing/Woodworking/Jewelry recipes unlock on crafting stations.
    • Rare Crafting Supplies Vendor replaces Crafting Supplies Vendor.
    • Epic Vessel Vendor arrives.
  • Rank 10 
    • Tier 5 Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing/Woodworking/Jewelry recipes unlock.
    • Epic Crafting Supplies Vendor replaces Rare Crafting Supplies Vendor.
    • Legendary Vessel Vendor arrives.


  • Changed the campaigns to not grant the starter items if you have them already or have something better equipped
  • Each campaign reward now displays the non-trial guild member requirement in the tooltip if it is applicable
  • Fixed an issue where some guilds that should have received rewards would not
  • Players should now receive the correct error message when they can't enter a campaign due to the vault overflowing, and players should no longer be prevented from entering if nothing needs to be removed
  • Reworked the campaign entry process to show better information about embargo rules and what will happen with your items when you enter the campaign


  • The gatehouse deed now only allows vassals of a parcel to enter the gate


  • Changed Class Trainer quests to trigger at level 4, instead of Level 3
  • Fixed an issue with Button mushrooms and Ginseng in Skypoint
  • Lit the area in the Depths of the Quarry quest to make it easier to locate the objective

Eternal Kingdoms 

  • Fixed an issue where nests and carts could be placed floating in the air and underground in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where some deeds would immediately exit out of build mode when trying to place them


  • Fixed a visual issue where the Conquest scores increased incorrectly if you kept the Leaderboard open
  • Successfully harvesting a weak point will now restore a small amount of Stamina.
  • “Wined" and "Dined" buffs now affect experimentation stats after assembly


  • Chest log entries now start with the date
  • Fixed an issue where disciplines weren't logging in the chest log
  • Fixed an issue where the connecting lines between the Minor Discipline talent were not properly displaying
  • Ground resources (stone, minerals, gems) now show up in the resource tab in the vault
  • Improved visibility of Map Pins, particularly when zoomed out
  • The chest log now automatically scrolls to the bottom of the log instead of defaulting to the top


  • Flash cast powers will now interrupt any power sounds already playing on a character
  • Updated several Power descriptions to clarify them


  • Removed an excessive camera shake event from the Spirit Dart ability


  • The description for Champion Alpha Warrior Promotion talent now reflects the correct modifications to the Neckbreaker power
  • Neckbreaker now has a 12-second cooldown.


  • Added missing % symbol to Sun-Kissed Skin passive description
  • Sanctifier Fervor Crowd Control Immunity effect now ends properly if you cancel your channel early


  • Fixed missing % sign on Gaea's Tears


  • Cold Comfort now indicates its cooldown in the power description


  • Corrected an issue where the Subvert Expectations Attack Power bonus for Myrmidons would sometimes become stuck and stop updating
  • Iron Hide will no longer split damage when hitting multiple enemies
  • Moved Pulverize to the first box in the Myrmidon tree. Created Improved Pulverize for Titan which may be charged for an additional second, increasing damage and offering a longer Crash prevention window. It has an automatic crit when charged for 45% or more.
  • Reduced the amount of resolve granted each use of Furious Retaliate


  • Fixed the Survivalist passive in several cases it was not working previously
  • The Warden talent Promotion Class now indicates it upgrades Laceration


  • The minor discipline in the talent granted slot will no longer return to the inventory when switching vessels


  • The Bladedancer discipline can now be used by the Battle domain


  • Purgative now removes the Damnation damage over time effect


  • Newly added Discipline 
    • Is usable by Myrmidon, Knight, and Templar classes.
    • Adds Attack Power and Critical Strike
    • Grants the powers Battle Presence and Stumbling Panic.
    • Battle Presence:  Afflicts nearby enemies with Panic for 12 seconds increasing Personal Damage Modifier by 20% for up to 5 enemies within 15 meters and causing damage
    • Stumbling Panic: Sets in when you damage an enemy afflicted with Panic causing their movement to Slow


  • The casting reticle for Sanctuary now matches the size of the field

Restoration Strike

  • Corrected the buff banner description for Restoration Strike


  • Furious Retaliate reduced the amount of resolve granted each use


  • Rejecting or removing a friend will no longer spam the chat window


  • Added a hotkey for group loot settings (defaulted to F11) so the window is accessible from the hotkey and from right-clicking a group member
  • Baked Ice Cream will now appear properly in the combat log when it causes damage to enemies.
  • Crowpedia now has Restored Domain and Promotion tables
  • Crowpedia now uses simpler names for Promotions and Domain
  • Fixed a sound issue where guards would play two screams sound at once when dying
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the chest log UI couldn't be dragged
  • Fixed an issue where the reverb was noticeable on all sounds
  • Fixed issues where players sometimes played their death animation twice
  • Group loot settings no longer close when "Exit Cursor Mode On Player Movement" is disabled
  • Group loot setting preferences are now saved so players don't have to change them every time they form a group
  • Human 4th minor discipline slot location no longer appears for other races
  • Players must now be within looting range to receive group loot
  • Reduced the Harvest time for skinning
  • Significantly increased the amount of XP gained from killing monsters above a character’s Level (the greater the differential the higher)
  • The AFK timer is now 33% longer
  • The "Free Action" Crowd Control immunity effect is now overwritten by Soul Power Crowd Control Immunity
  • When in crow form, the crow no longer has a spiral movement after bumping into an object

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