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So we get three characters with a base package. What are you playing? What would you like to spec them as? I am looking at a Centaur skirmisher archery and sword, a Forgemaster craftsman, and a Knight of... well I haven't decided on him yet. So how about you? Got a way you think building a character will be fun? Tell me of your dream scenarios and how you wish to play your classes.

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I'm certain it will change by release. But from the info we got I'm looking forward to Champion, Ranger, and Assassin.

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You mean 3 Character Slots? Heh. I'm sure they will sell Character Slots in the Cash Shop (not just the Kickstarter goals), so I'll likely end up buying more and have quite a few. ^^ 


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Of course, but what about your base three. What are you looking at for those is what I mean. I read a thread speaking about the hermit master smith digging into a mountain and being all myth and legend, I'd like to try and replicate that with my forgemaster and that's my motivation for making him a crafter. How about you?

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Ranger: If there is a specialization that is more melee-based, this seems like a cool archetype to use as a versatile survivalist/skirmisher.


Duelist: I just love the idea of duelists. I like getting stabby, and I like sabotage. Hopefully there is a dps-focused option.


Druid: I always have a support alt, and Druids seem like "it." Hopefull there is a CC-based specialization.

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Depends on promotion classes


Duelist---> sapper or mustateer type dude


Druid --> something with heals or buffs (yes im aware they said no fire hose healing but im sure they will have some kind of damage prevention)



Either Templar --> crusader (some promotion classes overlap)


Confessor --> something something darkside, pew pew

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