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[EU] APEX Guild

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APEX caters towards those that are mature and non-toxic. Those who are interested in a simple & streamlined guild structure; a guild that prioritizes having fun without the mundane in-game commitment that guilds have historically required. We aim to make all our events fun -- memorable activities that can be attended during leisure time. While we pride ourselves on executing strong in-game performances, we also provide excellent training to integrate people into APEX, even if your past guild experience is minimal. APEX strives to create a strong and welcoming community that can be engaged at all hours of the day, both in and out of the game on discord, and the most active EU Guild in Crowfall. We strongly advocate that an active and healthy community is the backbone to long-term success and overall enjoyment of the game.



APEX roots come from Annihilation Kingdom, one of the oldest and successful EU Guild. Our primary focus is Dregs campaigns. We host a whole variety of events, from PvP nights, Sieges, Fort Events to PvE events such as Gold farming, Harvesting event and World bosses. We have a very robust campaign rewards distribution system that is open to all members, whether you are a harvester, crafter or a PvPer. Our experienced crafters outfit all our guild members with the best gear and we have some of the best theory crafters to assist you in excelling at your classes and builds.



@Leaders: @Psychokill @Tyie @Zeeshan
#Warlord: @Astreaus @Safwan
+Officers: @Lloric@Pyriand@WrathGhost @Xennon
~Council: @Gosainkunda


GUILD Join: Link


Have a Mic
Must Speak English
Be respectful. We're a drama free guild!
Be able to attend at least 1 PvP event per week
Must select a official harvesting skill or farming requests and provide them to @Baron
Must donate all gold and harvest materials during dregs campaign. 
(these are used for making armor, weapons and vessels for all guild members, including yourself!)
APEX is a self sustained guild, we provide free weapon, armor, vessels and jewelry needed to excel at your class.
Dregs Rewards are shared with members based on their performance and activity.




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