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Brigand and Traps - Not a good synergy


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I have been feeling traps felt disconnected on Brigs for a while now.

Dont take me wrong I can do some nice tricks with pre placing a trap and leading classes that i must kite to them gaining some extra space or even just punishing that seconds stunned, but with that awful CD and duration it is just pretty bad still. Feels nice, not particularly effective. It is even kinda rare for me to get a second trap in a fight, certainly not a third.

My proposal is tie brigs' traps to stealth somehow.

I dont need much. Give me one extra trap and i could do some sweet stuff. More than that might become too easy, and id rather require people to be smart with them. (A good design principle to to aim for, require your players to think and not just spam, button smash on CD)


1) My first idea was simple. Traps have lower CD while you are on stealth. Halve the CD while on stealth. Not perfect cuz it means i gotta be a few seconds there waiting to place my second trap but a clear improvement.

Can just make a different twin power that is stealth only with modified parameters. Honestly, really simple thing.


2) Give the traps charges and recharge them when i enter in stealth. Like i said, i think 2 is just perfect. It also carries over to when you cant finish setting up and have to engage or got a quick re-stealth mid fight. Absolutely the best option in my mind.

Some power to look for possible reusable code is Myrms's neck slash and Champs's domination pips that activate special effects on powers (in this case the pips would be gained on stealth -- can hide them or have them over the trap power).


Doing a quick fix to get 1 working and working on 2 for the future would be a smart move. Nothing wrong with that, just dont make bandaids in true features. You wouldnt do that, right?

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