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Yoink's (7.7) Balance Changes - Ranger


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Every class has a viable spec in solo, group, and large scale.
All talent choices are competitive with each other and placed in appropriate locations within the talent tree.
Make adjustment to abilities that underperform.
If a mechanic is oppressive, change it in such a way so that it retains what makes it good but is no longer oppressive.

Wardens are very good when it comes to group content. Archer and Brigand are not viable anywhere currently.

Archers do not have the tools to survive close quarter combat. They fall off very hard in large scale even though they can achieve range on their targets because their single target DPS is wasted when targets can not be singled out as they fall back into their group and become unhittable.

Brigands are the worst of the stealth specs as they can not retreat back to stealth like the others. I actually want to change how stealth ults work so that when any stealth class commits they are all in but have the tools to compete.


Ankle Shot - Replace with Song of Speed
As is, I would not take this talent unless it was a requirement. This needs to be much better to justify being where it is in the talent tree. I think Song of Speed is a great fit here.

Swap Alertness and Hunting Party.
Alertness and Flare Arrow should be default for all rangers. Concussive Trap does not need to be. They are Rangers and these are anti-stealth abilities. Also stealth reveal would be losing some value with my changes to stealth so should not require as much of an investment.

Archer Concussive Trap Enhancement - Replace with a new enhancement to Ranged LMB Attacks. Ranged LMB Attacks can damage walls and structures during siege and deal increased damage to siege equipment.
Archers do not need an enhancement to Concussive Trap. They don’t even necessarily want that ability. They do however need some love in large scale and this would be a good bit of utility to bring to sieges.

Ricochet Shot - Add to the buff, “Your next 3 LMB attacks will pierce through your target and hit up to 4 additional targets behind them for full damage.”
Note that should should be a pierce and not a chain. The projectile should only hit targets along its path. This will help to bring a bit more needed punch to the Archer in a world where your enemies can blob up and avoid any meaningful single target damage.

Warden Ultimate - 500 Soul Power
They can use a bit more sustain. If they want to chain their ults back to back and lose out on the life steal that seems like a fine trade.

Brigand Promotion - Grants Toxin Slot. Activate Instant poison buff for 10s after exiting stealth if a toxin is equipped.
Brigands need a bit more punch. This would provide that and open up some different build possibilities with the plague domain.

Brigand Concussive Trap Enhancement - Remove. Replace with an enhancement to their Ultimate. Ultimate now also places them into stealth for 5s or until they perform any ability. Damage can not break stealth during this time.
This is how I would like to change Stealth ultimates. Once engaged, you are committed but have the tools to win a heads up fight.


Edited by Yoink


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I'd really like to see archer's tie in arrow/ quiver type into a few of targeted abilities to give a little boost, and twist to playstyle. 

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If you're going to swap Hunting Party and Alertness, I'd also swap Cross Slash and Hunting Party. I think that node is a bit deep into the tree (and I generally don't take Alertness because Hunter exists), so having Concussive Trap there screws with my Brigand builds more than I think is fair. However, Cross Slash is a pretty decent ability, so having it deeper into the tree would be a fine opportunity cost, I believe. 

I don't agree with your Brigand ultimate change. Sustain wants you to be hitting your opponent for the lifesteal, so if you use it for the lifesteal, you're wasting the stealth. And if you're using it for stealth, you're wasting the lifesteal. No other ult has an  like that. I get why you'd want Brigand to have a restealth, but I think they were fine before the weapon weight changes and Blackguard buffs. They were somewhat tanky, had decent damage, and could 1vX if played well- all without having a restealth. If you really want one, I'd make a Ranger-exclusive or a Shadow-exclusive major discipline that gives a restealth ult (would likely be useless on Assassin or Duelist if it was Shadow since they already have restealth ults, but would reinforce Shadow Brigand being about utilizing Stealth. If it was Ranger-exclusive, I could see Archers taking it for re-positioning like Confessor's Immolate so I don't think either option would be too insane)

Also, are you saying only Warden gets 500 SP ult, while Archer and Brigand stay at 750? Even though Warden sustain is the reason the cost was increased to 750?

I'd also like to see Forest Step being less clunky to use (tray-swapping too, but that's another topic)


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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The fact that ranger ult counts healing from sources other than its own lifesteal towards the 30% cap severely limits the effectiveness in a group environment. This should be changed so that the ranger ult only counts healing from the lifesteal towards the 30% threshold.

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