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The Dregs Maya Campaign 7.800


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Dregs Maya Campaign Schedule (5 player groups)

This Dregs Campaign supports the siege schedules for US East, EU, and Australia Regions!

The Dregs Maya Campaign Starts: Thursday, May 19th at 4 PM CDT (11 PM CET)
The Dregs Maya  Campaign Ends: Sunday, June 12th, 11 PM CDT (Monday, June 13th, 6 AM CEST)


  • Players minimum level 31 to enter
  • A maximum of 3 characters can join the campaign per account 
  • Imports:  Equipped items do not cost tokens, plus 30 equippable items
  • Exports:  Equipped items do not cost tokens, plus 200 items 
  • Characters are unable to rejoin the campaign after they unlock from it
  • Maximum group size 5
  • Maximum of 5 per Guild / Alliance in Wildlands zone
  • Maximum of 10  per Guild / Alliance in Adventure zone 
  • Maximum of 50  per Guild / Alliance in Siege zone 
  • Sieges: 
    • Forts and Keeps 
  • Maximum NPC Level 40
  • Combat XP +20%

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