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Publish 7.800.0 Update Notes 5.10.2022

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If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: Live Server Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback

Known Issue: 
There is a known issue where infrequently the game client will hang while zoning and require a client restart.  If this occurs, please reach out to support@crowfall.com

Chat bubbles

  • A new UI element has been added to display chat sent by nearby players as Chat Bubbles
  • Chat messages sent in channels (such as /General, /Lobby, etc.) will not appear in Chat Bubbles
  • Chat Bubbles can be seen in either Dark Mode or Light Mode (Light Mode by default)
  • Chat Bubbles can be turned on or off in Settings (on by default)
  • Truncated chat bubbles end with an ellipsis (...)
  • When enabled, "Proximity" Chat messages such as /say, and /yell, will be displayed both in the chat window and as a Chat Bubble

Campaign Import / Export Updates

  • Campaigns can now be configured so that equipped items do not cost import tokens
  • Campaigns can now be configured to prevent exporting items until the Campaign is Completed
  • Fixed an issue where the  the "imported" tag could be persistent on items that came out of campaigns while equipped or in character inventory
  • The campaign summary will now indicate whether equipped items require Import or export tokens, and will not remove them from the character if there are infinite export tokens or if equipped items do not require export tokens
  • To prevent Promotional Items (Rewards from Trials, Twitch drops, etc)  and items purchased from the Crowfall Store from being stuck in a World Bank after a Campaign ends, these items no longer use export tokens when being exported from a campaign
  • When items are moved to the world bank when leaving a campaign, inventory items are now correctly moved to the world bank

Campaign Character Limits

  • To continue creating more options that lead to variations in the overall Campaign Strategy, we have created a few new Campaign Knobs as part of Publish 7.800
  • Campaigns can now have a limit to the number of characters that can join the Campaign per Account
  • Campaigns can also prevent a character from rejoining the campaign once they’ve been unlocked from a particular campaign.  For example, if the Character Limit for a campaign is three and a player joins a Character in the campaign, that would take one Character Ticket.  If they Unlock from the Campaign and rejoin the campaign, they would have one Character Ticket remaining for that campaign.
  • The Unlock Dialog from a campaign will remind players how many Tickets they have for the Campaign and whether or not they can rejoin the campaign once Unlocked


  • Added an icon and tooltips in the campaign summary indicating if equipped items will cost import tokens or are imported for free when a character joins the campaign
  • Added an icon to display the number of characters per account that can join a campaign
  • Bane tree compass markers are now numbered to match the siege status numbers, and numbers are used instead of Roman numerals
  • Banetree damage will now hit for full damage if there are multiple targets affected.  Previously if multiple characters would be affected, the damage would be split for a reduced amount to each affected character
  • Based on player feedback, the minimum number of non-trial guild members required to qualify for rewards in Dregs is now 6
  • Fixed an issue with the levels and ranks of NPCs were not always correct in the Dregs Campaign
  • Fixed the Dregs Description field
  • Illara's Minion debuff no longer procs an explosive orb from fall damage
  • Rebalanced building material costs for stronghold walls. Additionally, the cost to repair walls has been dramatically adjusted. Repairing walls will now cost more materials
  • Taming a caravan pack pig should now broadcast the player's faction or guild instead of their name


  • Introduced additional Enbarri near the "Kill Enbarri Bandits" quest in Gods Reach
  • Removed the campfire at the respawn outpost in the gods reach moon temple. It was not interactable by players as they couldn't capture the parcel
  • Updated quest dialog to introduce Sky Point gold drop rules before players leave the safe area

Eternal Kingdom

  • Attempting to toggle the "private kingdom" setting in the EK editor will now show an error if the player does not have an active VIP
  • Crafting stations and thrones now use the same placement mode as chests
  • Fixed an issue where avatars could fall through Buildings when raising them
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes fall through the world after entering an EK
  • Fixed an issue where ranks could be cycled on deeds in some cases when it shouldn't have been allowed
  • Fixed an issue where some vendor stalls could be placed partially underground
  • Fixed an issue where the cottage house deed couldn't be picked up or moved in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the current region would not appear as selected in the region selection panel for EKs in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the ladder on the Ranger's Spire deed could stop working in some cases
  • Updated the building placement quest to have the correct default keys for moving, raising, and lowering buildings


  • Adhesive from the crafting vendor is now 100g
  • The Blended Cloth recipe no longer has a rename option


  • Crafting UI Wildcard tooltip will now show product stats for all combinations of resources
  • Fixed an issue where the group loot settings dropdown could get stuck open in some cases
  • Necromancy parts should appear under the Resources filter in the Vault and World Bank UI's
  • Social prompt messages like group and trade requests stack instead of making each other disappear
  • The clear buttons on Vault/World Bank Search Boxes now only appear when there's text in the box
  • The social prompt message list on the left now has the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top and only process 
  • There is now an error sound when attempting to move building materials into the World Bank
  • Wards, ToL, and Banetrees turn the target reticle red when in primary attack range
  • The war table walls tab should now prohibit you from adding items if walls are already built
  • When a trade is completed, a message is now displayed in the chat window
  • You should now receive an error message when trying to split a stack into a full inventory


  • Non-default power trays correctly fill in default powers when granted powers are removed. For example, putting in default retaliate when a granted retaliate is removed


  • Divine Order now indicates the duration of the buff


  • Switched Confessor Meteor Purge to no longer have a global blackout so the character doesn’t stop when used


  • Arch Druid Blight healing orb detonation now causes consistent damage regardless of whether the orb is normal or the larger version
  • Druid abilities Gaea's Wail, Leeching Seed, Overgrowth, and Basic Attacks (Static Bolt, Shock Bolt, Lightning Crack) now have a 35m range
  • The Arch Druid promotion now grants a 350 Support Rating instead of a 200 rating


  • Frostweaver Chill Out should now correctly report its effects in the combat log
  • Re-Fridgerate and Cold Comfort now indicate their cooldown in the tooltip


  • Battlerager Whirlwind Barrier talent buff is now indicated with a buff banner while active and correctly displays the Barrier value


  • Balance selling grave goods (Shiny Bauble etc.) without opening them.  Now, all unopened Grave Goods have a sell value of 1 and provide additional gold when opened similar to the previous sell value.
  • Fixed an issue where pack pigs would change size when killed
  • Fixed several intersecting assets
  • Fixed some issues where side quests with Vendors would not work
  • Ice Cream will now appear in the combat log when it procs
  • NPCs higher than level 30 now provide different XP values when killed
  • Quick purchase of vendor items that cost special currencies is no longer allowed. You must confirm your purchase
  • Recall cooldown should now be reset when changing factions via the faction kiosk
  • Removed the G to loot all interaction for player cairns
  • Skinnable animals should no longer despawn while you're harvesting them

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