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Players Need A "pick-Up-And-Go" Option.

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By this, I mean that if I want to leave a Kingdom, I need to be able to take my

land modifications (buildings, etc) with me. For multiple reasons:


1. The politics.

The ruler of a Kingdom will hand out Parcels to build up his

Kingdom. More structures equals a more thriving community. But once there,

the King now has the power to raise taxes to a ludicrous degree and the player

is fearful of moving because the work he put into getting those buildings will

be left behind. Instead, it should behoove the King to keep his people happy

because if they leave, his Kingdom also loses a portion of that thriving

metropolis- the buildings, vendors, etc.


2. Kickstarter screwing.

Many of the Kickstarter tiers come with buildings. When the game goes live

and alliances form, or people who just want to join another Kingdom instead

of running their own do so, we're going to have folks advertising their Kingdoms

and offering Parcels so that other Backers move in with their buildings. Then,

all they have to do is kick those people out and BAM, their 20 Parcel Kingdom

is now fully stocked with buildings they didn't have to work or pay for, while

those Backers lose their Rewards. That a crappy way to get repaid for investing

in the game.


I completely understand that you've said, "Be careful where you put your buildings",

but this is an MMO; the VAST majority of us don't know each other. Opening up the

door to have people's hard work essentially stolen from them is a terrible idea. Worse

for Kickstarter Backers who invested real money to get those assets as rewards.

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You sure have trust issues, If you don't trust a GM of a guild then simply don't build with them, there will always be unpleasant ppl but the majority of guilds are being led by some nice players.


The there will probs be some kind of system that the items owned by player X will join him when he gets kicked or leaves the guild.

...obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. "***** ******"
I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. "Alexander the Great"

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I think he is right. I have seen it not only once, where some guild leader was screwing everyone over just because they were throwing a tantrum and thought everything basically belonged to them anyway, as they are the leader.


Having no possibility to reclaim your stuff will imo lead to everyone having their own EK, which will be kind of boring.

Only people with friends in real life will band together.

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It usually is easy to see what a GM is like, which ones do everything for their community and which ones have their community do everything for them, but I understand what you mean.

But on the other side, WHat if you are just a member joining a well established guild have them help you/boost you to the average level in that guild then you decide to leave with everything you received from that guild for no effort to only join an even better guild and do the same there.

Imo it has risk and rewards on both sides, only spend, give or do what you are willing to risk to lose.

...obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. "***** ******"
I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. "Alexander the Great"

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I personally will be putting my buildings in my own EK. Sometimes guilds die but if they do at least all the e-peen trophies I have made over your time playing the game stay in your home.

Sometimes guild leaders have a bad day and do stupid stuff they can't take back. Sometimes they get over the game so you have a guy who's less passionate about the game controlling your land.

Not saying you can't work as a guild and craft for each other but if your crafting a certain type of gear maybe you should have that station at your EK and guild mates can come to you.  ;)


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You do have your own kingdom aswell, I belive the parcel thing only really matters between the campaigns and the EK. SO its possible that you could take your stuff with you from a guild EK into your personal EK.


I would really like an answer from ACE on this one, since it not only can happen on release, but it most likely will happen.

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