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7.900 Test Server Update Notes 6.9.2022

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If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback

In 7.900 we are making a few big tweaks to some of our least played classes. The Druid and Frostweaver were put under the microscope and we made a few significant changes that should bring them up to the rest of the classes in terms of power and playability. See the Powers section below for more information. 


  • Adjusted the Victory Card Tooltip to display when the Victory Card will be available (if not already active)
  • Fixed certain powers not damaging siege fort walls
    • Cleric:
      • Basic Attack with Hammer of Gods passive
      • Divine Order
      • Spiritual Presence
    • Templar:
      • Holy Warrior + Basic Attack
      • Holy Warrior + Reproach
      • Holy Warrior + Judgement
    • Knight:
      • Retribution Strike
    • Confessor:
      • Meteor Purge
  • Expanded the campaign embargo rules dialog to use a two-column display to fit the additional information it now includes.
  • In campaigns that do not permit exports until the end of the campaign, equipped items will remain on characters that unlock early if the campaign does not require export tokens for those items.
  • The smoke that designates safe zones has been changed to be green for friendly areas and red for hostile areas
  • Some campaigns can have hero statues enabled on forts. Forts with hero statues must be level 4 or higher. Additionally, the hero statues are only active outside of siege windows.
  • Stronghold Protection messages should no longer be displayed during sieges
  • The player’s Home Temple is now represented on the Campaign Map with a blue ring FX
  • The campaign details UI now has an icon to indicate when a campaign restricts exports until the end of the campaign
  • World banks are automatically deleted if they are empty after the last character is unlocked when the campaign is over


  • Added some refineries in the gods reach zone
  • Graves are removed from Skypoint
  • Removed references to graves in Sky Point from two quests
  • The keep in Gods Reach Moon Temple now has a name that appears on the map and when you first bind to the Hero Statue


  • Fixed a typo in the Sumptuous Pot Pie buff tooltip
  • The Stonemason Crafting Belt now has additional items listed that reduce its resource costs:
    • carpentry 
    • nails
    • bricks
    • floor tiles
    • wood shingles

Eternal Kingdom

  • Buildings are now prevented from being placed too close to environmental objects in some cases if the placement would make them unrecoverable
  • EK buildings can now be picked up if there is room in a stack, and they have no contents, regardless of overflow status
  • Fixed an issue where deeds attached to another building could sometimes disappear when placing the building
  • Fixed an issue where extra terrain pieces could spawn in unexpected places in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where items on a parcel could sometimes take a long time to load after moving the parcel
  • Fixed an issue where players were prevented from moving while placing items like chests and crafting stations
  • Fixed an issue where the edges of EK parcels could spawn incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the EK food vendor wasn't showing up in some EKs
  • Parcels should now be stackable after they are removed from EK
  • The command results for /ekincrementnoblecellcount now display in chat instead of from a popup notification.


  • A search box is now available in the Inbox UI, for filtering purchases and rewards
  • Added vault categories for soulbound and bind-on-equip disciplines
  • Adjusted the Wildcard Outcomes UI for cases where there are no stats to display
  • Chat bubble offset from nameplate correctly scales with distance
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Talent Window background image was sometimes not displaying
  • Fixed an issue with the display when an account had all its character slots filled
  • Nameplates and chat bubbles adjust position when using size increasing powers
  • Nameplates' scale for distance no longer differs for friendly/enemy and for view distance bonuses like what ranger has
  • Players should now be able to swap same-size items in a full inventory
  • Soulbound items should now be marked with a small blue icon in the upper-left corner
  • The Purchases tab in the Account Vault should contain fewer extraneous items
  • When there are multiple social prompts, all prompts are properly closed when zoning


The Power description of several Powers that referenced the Personal Damage Modifier has been updated to clarify them and to be more consistent.


  • Earthkeeper and Archdruid specs:
    • The damage over time caused by the Essence Burn debuff has been reduced by 70%. However while under the effects of Essence Burn you cannot cast spells in the Life Tray that generate Essence
  • The Storm Caller talent spec now reduces the cost of Death Surge to 600 Soulpower from 1000
  • The Earthkeeper talent spec now reduces the cost of Essence Scram from 1000 to 750 Soulpower
  • The Arch Druid promotion now grants a 350 Support Rating instead of a 200 rating
  • The Arch Druid Blight healing orb detonation now causes consistent damage regardless of whether the orb is normal or the larger version
  • Druid Ultimate powers Death Surge and Essence Scram have had their animation times significantly reduced
  • Death Surge has had its base cost reduced from 1000 to 750 Soulpower. It now pulls nearby enemies towards you and roots them in place before finally leaving them slowed in addition to its existing effects. The total number of ticks has been redacted from 10 to 5 ticks and the damage and healing output increased by 208%
  • Druid Call Storm is now affected by the Ranged Distance Bonus stat
  • Druid abilities Gaea's Wail, Leeching Seed, Overgrowth, and Basic Attacks (Static Bolt, Shock Bolt, Lightning Crack) now have a 35m range
  • Fixed an issue where Druid orbs could break and could not be interacted with


  • Elken Gestalt description and buff banner now indicate the stat modified and that it allows detection of enemies in Stealth


  • Frostweaver Black Ice now causes damage every two seconds and its existing effects
  • Frostweaver Blizzard's passive talent now also modifies the Black Ice field to slow enemies, in addition to its existing effects
  • The Ice of Endurance field now also heals allies and you per tick, ticking every two seconds and its existing effects
  • New Archmage Power: Swift Discord 
    • It skips the initial Free Weaving dance to more directly create harmful Ice-types and restore 50 mana
    • Swift Discord grants Hastened Weaving for 8 seconds reducing the casting time of Ice Weave
  • New Icecaller Power: Swift Alliance 
    • It skips the initial Free Weaving dance to more directly create beneficial Ice-types and restore 50 mana
    • Swift Alliance grants Hastened Weaving for 8 seconds reducing the casting time of Ice Weave
  • The "Freezing Blast" talent node is now known as "Weaving Basics" and grants both Free Weaving and Freezing Blast
  • The "Free Weaving/All Foci" talent node is now known as "Complete Focus" and no longer grants Free Weaving
  • The Cold Stare talent is now known as Swift Discord and grants both the Swift Discord and Cold Stare powers
  • The Icecaller talent is now known as Swift Alliance and grants both the Swift Alliance and the Icecaller powers
  • The Icecaller talent promotion now causes your Refreshing Ice to deploy in a half-second instead of one second
  • The Archmage talent promotion now causes your Volatile Ice to deploy in a half-second instead of one second


Deadly Infector

  • Added toxin slot/toxin trait to Deadly Infector Discipline


  • Added a casting animation Battle Presence for some races of Knights and Templars

Spirit Whip

  • Duelist Spirit Whip no longer applies twice


  • Added a message to show when a group member loots a corpse
  • Added explore disciplines to character tooltips
  • Alliance members in a group from a guild other than the group leader are no longer incorrectly removed from a group for being in an enemy faction when they're the first to arrive in a new zone
  • Common Grasslands deeds now have the updated icon
  • Disabled /say and /yell chat for players while they are in crow form
  • Fixed several issues where there were terrain or objects didn’t change their appearance in different seasons
  • Fixed some Scavenge Chests that were previously unable to be looted
  • Getting stunned by D'Orion's Stunning Shot while gliding in stealth now removes you from stealth
  • Improved feedback for warping upon changing alliances in a non-safe location
  • Learning a talent that puts an attribute over the maximum amount,  will refund attribute points spent that go over the maximum 
  • Players can no longer transfer items from their inventory to corpses
  • Placeable Stoneborn Statues no longer float above the ground


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