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So after a long and busy 4 or so years I finally have some bandwidth to do some MMO gaming!  Going through the tutorial and taking a look at what the game became right now, but also know this is a guild game.  Any old SB guilds or new guilds rolling around here that are newb and casual friendly?


Note: anyone who recognizes me...I have mellowed considerably over the years.


Er, what's "edging"?



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There not many folks actively engaged at the moment. Usually if you look at the guild recruitment, it's about as up to date as you can get, since there isn't anyone posting much anymore. 

I'm sure there are a fair number of people waiting to see how the game will be updated with the new owners. It's been 6 months since the buyout and new info has been real slow/nonexistent to come out. 

There are usually people posting and viewing the official Discord. 

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