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The Shadow Blades - Espionage, Reconnaissance, Information.

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Who are the Shadow Blades?

I’ll try to make this whole post as quick as I can.  *Deep breath*… Here we go.


            Imagine standing guard on the walls of a castle with your guild.  There is no noise except for the howling of the wolves, and the whistling of the wind.  You’ve been there for a while waiting for your replacement so you can go eat your lunch that has been stirring in the cauldron for a while.

            After a couple of minutes someone finally arrives to replace you.  You haven’t seen them before but, you are too hungry to think much of it.  Someone, or something, stole all of the castles food recently so you are on the verge of starvation.  You walk down the stairs, head into the mess hall, and grab a bite to eat.  Once you get back you notice something strange.  There are no other guards on the wall.  Come to think of it, there aren’t any in viewing distance.  You turn around.  Everything goes black. 

            You wake up back in the eternal kingdoms missing a few things.  Once you head back, and you find that the castle has been taken.  “Who could’ve done all of this!?” you ask.  The Shadow Blades.  That’s who.


What is the purpose of the Shadow Blades?

The Shadow Blades will have many purposes.  The main are one of three:


1.      Espionage

2.      Reconnaissance

3.      Information


       Ideally, we want other guilds, or individuals to come to us as our source of revenue.  You want your allies weakened but, you can’t attack them yourselves or you’ll lose a valuable asset?  You hire us to do that for you.  You need a high-value target taken out quick?  You send us a raven.  Want an enemy starved out? On it.  That’s the kind of stuff we do.

       We also plan to take full advantage of spring.  We will send out scouts to explore the new worlds and report back information of use.  This may include areas with abundant resources, a good strategic point for a stronghold, or even anomalies.  This information can also be sold to other guilds and individuals.

Then obviously, both of these feed into information.  We can scout out enemy strongholds for you and give you a detailed report of their armaments and defense.  We can also sell you information on the land as mentioned before.


How does the hierarchy work in a guild like this?

      My goal is to make this a loose and tight group at the same time.  The guild is split into two branches.  Ranked members, and Specialists.  Ranked members will be under a hierarchy which I will go into why in a little bit.  Specialists will be under a hierarchy which will be much looser.  Specialists are more likely to work alone or in small groups and don’t answer to anyone but, still must report their findings, or bring materials to higher-ups.


Ranks (In order of highest to lowest):

·         Commander [1]

·         Castellan [3]

·         Officer [5]

·         Corporal

·         Recruit

([#] denotes highest amount of that rank allowed.  Absence of brackets denotes no cap)



·         Spymaster [1]

·         Whisperer [5-7]

·         Agent

·         Scout

·         Trader/Blacksmith


What do these ranks mean?  Also, why do you have what seems to be a military?  Aren’t you mercenary spies?

            All good questions.  I’ll answer the last two first.  It doesn’t seem like we have a military.  We do have a military.  The reason for this is, WE ARE STILL A GUILD.  We will have enemies and allies and we will be competing for territory.  Just what makes us different is our specialist side of the tree which brings something new to the table.  In other words, we have a military, and are mercenary spies.

            As for the ranks.  Really, the just order within the military.  Corporals and recruits are mostly equal just, Corporals have most likely proved themselves in battle and aren’t as new to the guild.  Officers will be in charge of different parties during attacks or defenses, or just in charge in general if no higher member is on.  Castellans and the Commander will be the strategists and will be leading the charges on the battlefield.


            Now on to the other side of the branch.  Traders and Blacksmiths are the backbone and keep the guild together.  One days where we can make the cut on our services, the traders will be there to save the day.  The Blacksmiths will be making weapons and armor for our guild of course.  Scouts will be sent out to new worlds to explore and report back information.

            Agents have the most tasks.  Agents will do many things, which all relate to espionage.  Agents might be tasked by the Spymaster or a Whisperer to take out a high-end target or scout out a fortress belonging to another guild.  Agents are also allowed to sell their services to an individual themselves if they wish.  It is all their choice.  Our hope, one day, is that people will see the Shadow Blade sigil on your sleeve or chest and now that they will get their golds worth out of the hire.

            Whisperers are the information gatherers and brokers.  They will be who the scouts and agents report to and use that information to help us or our clients.  Finally, we have the Spymaster.  I, myself, will be the Spymaster.  My job will be to keep the specialists in check and make sure the money is flowing the right way, and everyone is doing their part to help the guild.


Sounds great!  Where do I sign up?

            Thanks!  For now you can unofficially sign up here!  If I get a good amount of interest in the guild I will have a website up A.S.A.P!  It would be great to get members flowing in.  I don’t plan for the guild to be a massive one, but I hope that few people will be willing to hop in and take a chance.


            Thank you all for reading and sticking around this long to see what I had to say and offer!  I hope you reply with your thoughts!  Everything here is subject to change and I am willing to listen to any and all suggestions and criticisms.



Q:  What ranks do you currently have filled?

            A:  None except for Spymaster (Me).  I am looking to fill them all at a later time once I get support and members.


Q:  No commander?

            A:  Not yet ;)


Q:  Got a website?

            A:  All depends.  Hopefully soon!


Q:  This guild is a stupid idea.

            A:  Thanks!


Q:  No one even asked these questions yet.  How are they frequently asked?


            A:  Ask every other website or guild that posts an F.A.Q.


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I very much enjoy this idea. At the games start it may not be as viable aside from having the guild but once kingdoms really start establishing themselves this could work quite well I think. I shall be keeping an eye (and some vested interest) on this. :)

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That sound great ! I'm looking for this kind of guild.


If you make it, count on me for blacksmithing or scouting (or the both, depending on my mood).

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll probably try to get a website up and running today and find other forums to generate interest on. Would love to see this move forward!

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This seems a bit contradictory. You want espionage but a spy needs to meld into the crowd. They need to not have a guild tag that becomes well known for them to be effective. You want a mercenary guild.... you get paid to to help other guilds out however idk how you will spy when the population will recognize your guild tag. I have thought of this as well, how about an unofficial guild with no guild tags however act as a guild. maybe have one or two people with the guild tag to take keeps and such but for the majority of the "guild" they should be able to act incognito while still in communications with "guild" members in TS or such.

PvE is like water to my whiskey. Don't water down my whiskey.- Ronald Reagan


Don't be a custard gonzo.- Abraham Lincoln

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