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Hey! Crowfall looked really interesting to me, so I thought I'd back it up on Kickstarter. The "Throne-War" idea really interested me, so I can't wait for this game.
I've played WoW, Tera, Phantasy Star Universe, Forsaken World, Champions Online, and some other MMOs.
I'm also really excited to make videos on Crowfall and live stream it. I live stream regularly on http://www.twitch.tv/shrapnelyeti so if you want to check it out, go for it. Crowfall seems like a game that would be fun to stream. And I hope the devs have fun making this game the best it can be. :D

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Welcome to the community man.


When it comes to streaming a game like this where you're attacking other bases and when you die you lose all your gear... sadly from my experience streaming is a really bad idea for the hardcore pvp games.

You can always put a 30+min delay on it but then you really lose that connection with your viewers.


You can try it for yourself and see how it goes though.  ;)


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