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"Other games?" Where's a forum for the game I play?


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You've by now noticed with your eagle eyes, we've created a Shadowbane specific and "Other games" forum. This is so that we can ensure the Crowfall boards remain on-topic for the game we are building. 


You may be thinking, "Hey Tully, why isn't there a specific Wizard 101 / Pirate 101 forum? what gives?"


Both the games you mention are still a live service and being run by Kingsisle Entertainment, us hosting forums for their products would not be cool.


Shadowbane is no longer in service, people have flocked to emulated versions and fansites to have their discussion's. We feel that they would benefit from a specific place to talk about the "Good old days". 


With the inclusion of the other games board you may discuss at your heart's content, all the wonderful games out there you are playing until we release Crowfall and take all your free time away. 


NOTE: Posting advertisements for real money trade (RMT) services, referral keys or other type promotions is not permitted here in this section or in any other part of our forum. 

Tully Ackland

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 

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