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Perhaps i'm too accustomed to the "holy trinity" of mmo's of the past generation... but i'm curious to what the SPECIALIST role would mean in the mmo genre.  I can understand TANK, MELEE/RANGED DPS, and SUPPORT... but the role listed for assassin (along with ranger and duelist) are SPECIALIST.  


any clues or elaboration on the subject?  

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Crowd Control, Nuke Class, most likely wearing Light Armor, possible enhanced escape skills.


Most Assassin/Rogue typecasts have an interesting Tool set and tricks.

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Specialists are like... Specialized to a very specific style of game play, as I hear it.


Rangers are specced for preparation, thus ambushing via stealth and traps are their thing.


Assassins, from what I've heard from the dev posts, are meant to be DPS with a very large entrance burst so they start with an advantage in the fight. Y'know, assassin-y.

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Specialised nuker / melee burst damage.


Expecting utility to mark targets, prevent heals, CC and do burst damage quickly whilst being rather squishy.


Going to shadowbane, assassin's would do things like Stun, Blind (attack rating and defense rating cut), shadowmantle (stops all heals), DoT with snare, poison weapon (applies chance to cast poison DD on attack), powerblocks (prevents use of abilities and powers, usually dependant on weapon powers associated with various weapon types), stealth, etc.


Assassins were my favorite to play in SB, im hoping for good things!

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