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Idea For A Guild The Trade Company.

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kampfbock brought this guild to my attention. It sounds really interesting! I plan on being a crafter, so I this would be my top choice for a guild, with its focus on commerce. I've never been part of a guild before, and while the crowfall crafting system intrigues me, it also is a little overwhelming since my experience is either old games or very limited crafting systems where crafting is something done on the side and doesn't really have much purpose (which is why I like the crowfall mindset behind their crafting system). I will be looking into joining if you will have me, but I need to make sure I can do it. Don't want to agree to not only let the group down, since this will be the first guild I will ever be a part of, should I be accepted in.

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Everyone's welcome, FrostSword. You can go ahead and register on the Guild webpage. There you'll find much more information on the Guild than what's displayed here.

Welcome, Skelzo!

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