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Idea For A Guild The Trade Company.

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Tried registering on your forums so I could start an application, but that damned thing didn't let me write anything else than my ingame name, e-mail & pw?

In either case, I've been part of few merchant coalitions before, in addition I've worked as a treasurer in Helbreath, and as the main architect in Shadowbane. In WoW vanilla I was responsible of distributing the loot & management of consumables. Besides that I've got a degree in Business & Economics and masters in Business Administration. I'd be thrilled to join a trading co. in CF.

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At the moment the registration system is very simple so not to fear you are on the right path! 


Its great to see you coming to the table with both experience and enthusiasm


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Mission Statement:


Traders,crafters and intelligence agencies,those are the factors that made mercantile republics wealthy and influential.

And thats why we are interested in you,you who seek more than just crushing someone else's head just for the sake of crushing heads.


we are not interesting in becoming a territorial power backed by a big army that will be thrown into constant war.

no we don't want to be bound by insignificant matters such aa borders,factions and diplomatic relations.

we want to do business,business free from those concerns!

a global institution that serves all and is needed by everyone.

to ensure this we will of course be part of balance and we won't conquer lands,rather we will live in other's territories and do business there.


our guild structure is rather uncommon if you compare it to the large mass of guilds that have formed over the time in various MMOs.

it is based on the conclusion that a strong and authoritarian structure is not recommendable if our goal is to become a fluently running global network.

things are different in different parts of the world,things that seem insignificant to someone looking at things from a larger scale but really important for certain people living in a certain region.

a small guild leadership living in a far away place with limited and faulty knowledge about regional differences and the concerns of people living there won't succeed in creating such a smoothly running network.

for that reason we created a guild structure that is inspired by democracy and allows for a maximum of decentralization.

the command structure isn't a straight line expanding from above to the lower ranks,no in fact it is just the other way around!

local positions of authority are elected by the local members.

elected representatives of the same tier then discuss on matters in a council.

furthermore every political representative is driven by economical motivation,since he himself is a businessman before anything else.


having read all of this,are you still interested?

then let me tell you what we are looking for.


you want to cause armies and empires to fall only by whispering the right words at the right time in the ears of the right men?

then our intelligence agency is just the right place for you!


you want to be a renowned crafter known far and wide and want to be independent from a hive-like entity as the standard guild is one?

Then become a part of our network of traders and crafters which will allow you to maximize your proficiency and profits!


you want to make your bets on how supply and demand will develop in the future and turn this knowledge into profit?

then become part of our trade network.

our crafters as well as our army will provide you with a steady flow of sources and consumers of raw-materials and crafted products!


or you may be combat oriented but want to do combat because of economical reasons rather than just doing combat for its own sake?

then join our military and help to defend our trade network and our store houses,or crack down on raiders and thugs!



we want to be the link in the value chain between sources of raw-materials,the crafters and the consumers.

we want to provide an efficient,secure and global distribution network for the campaigns that serves everyone,members and non-members alike!

a network that allows merchants,crafters and consumers to access goods fast,simple and for good prices.

a network that becomes an indisputable institution for the worlds and everyone living inside them.





ps:seeing as there are other crafting and trading guilds i reach out to you guys,together we can achieve such a global network much faster.

let us form a trade/crafter guilds alliance,so we can spread this network all around the globe in no time

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