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Merchant Syndicate - Black Hand Gaming

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Black Hand Gaming is looking for recruits for Crowfall. We are a gaming community looking for players from Hardcore to casual who want to come together be social and help one another progress and have fun.

Quick Facts:

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Black Hand Gaming in Social Media:

About Black Hand Gaming:
We are a guild which traces its roots all the way back to Ultima Online. We have been in various MMO but was not always flying the Black Hand banner. Some of our more notable moments were having the 3rd Battle Keep in AoC as well as leading the first Pirate Port Victory and taking the first SoL in PoTBS as well as owning a castle in Lineage 2 and multiple islands in Dragons Prophets.That being said; BHG is an organization orientated towards achieving excellence in game but like any game the main goal is to have fun with a good group of people. Our main power is the fact that we are a group of like-minded individuals who want to be the best they possibly can. We are not elitist and welcome everyone from the loan wolf to the group of friends looking for a home. If you are the weekend warrior or the hardcore power gamer there is a place for everyone. We are a USA based English speaking guild but welcome members to join from any place in the world. We will be PvE and PvP oriented at launch so if you are looking for a group who will help push you to be great while having fun give us a msg.

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Game is coming closer to beta! Who else sees the anticipation building as we get ready for War! If you are ready and even if you are not come join Merchant Syndicate.


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