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Rangers: Animal Companions

Rangers: Animal companions  

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  1. 1. Should Rangers have a specialization to tame animals?

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19 hours ago, Devonic said:

If pets are in game, then it should be a exploration skill which would be available to any class.

but ranger =) just a joke.

actually with current AI this pet discipline has no reason. they will stuck forever or be a beast who can beat through textures like a boss

btw I like idea what it can be discipline (not openend through skill tree). but equipping this discipline should give debuff to base damage and healing output.

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Well, a specialization could fit the needs of those players that want to have a pet companion and those that don't want one,like it has been in wow with the beast master specialization. It always depends on how pets are implemented in regards of how they add up to the damage the ranger class does. A pet companion doesn't necessarily have to do deliver damage, it could also act as a 'living totem' or, like someone brought up extend the senses of the ranger.

I understand those that don't want to play with pets as companions, but i am the type of ranger player who loves searching and taming pets and love the idea of the nature bound ranger that has a deep bond with his chosen animal. So, yes, i would like to see a optional specialization in this case.


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Agree,  correct direction of it. Maybe not so taming all the animals in first 6 months , but still.

This pet would be or could be in crow state, or not showing either, not a flying hawk around in range. But i like the idea of a ranger being a scout during fighitng winter season- just to add to its perception range.

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@drop taming and animal companions pls.


Just another complicated stat stick requiring its entirely own coding - waste of time imo compared to the investment needed.


If u want a pet and run around being “Mary” woth her little lamb look towards WoW.


Hopefully Crowfall will sticl to their spin on what a ranger is and should be : Anti Stealth.

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For a strong ranger pet they could just restrict types of weapons to balance the damage like the talents currently do. Or they could just add in the disciplines like Shadowbane.


Animator - Golem

Conjuror - Draatch

Huntsman - Hound

Ratcatcher - Rat

Summoner - Phoenix, Genie, Efreet


Speaking of... they need to transformation discs too.



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