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"overlapping" Eternal Kingdoms

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Let me start by saying this has probably been suggested before, and I was too lazy to sort through pages and pages of search results to check. Sue me.


We all know that Crowfall is incorporating VoxelFarm technology to generate their worlds, and everything in it.

I was interested, so I checked out their website: http://procworld.blogspot.co.uk/

I watched through a few of the videos showcasing VoxelFarm, and read some of the posts about it.


Then, something stood out to me. If I'm understanding this correctly, the technology allows users, for example, to have their own creations show up in another players world - providing they're a part of the same group.

Their creation wouldn't be modifiable by anyone else, and is removed from everyone else's view if that player is removed from the group.


I'm sure you see where I'm going with this - but why not have this happen with our individual Eternal Kingdoms?

If possible, it would:

  • Remove the need for people to dedicate their efforts to a single Eternal Kingdom - this would usually be their guild's.
  • Enable them to, instead, work on their own individual Kingdom, without detracting from their guild's world.
  • Help tackle the problem where most Eternal Kingdoms would likely go unvisited.
  • Fall in line with the fealty system. The King of the world could allow or disallow any one player's Kingdom to appear in theirs.
  • Potentially allow the King to "assign" a single player's land to a specific area - allowing for more control over the layout of their world.

So, thoughts? Is this a terrible idea, or would it be a step in the right direction?

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