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Crowfall Fan-Fiction And Sb Easter Eggs

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Stories and a vision, Anthrage... that's what got me in the Aelfborn Nation, what was it... 13 or 14 years ago? :o  :o  :o  ('01 or '02 for pre-release and beta stuff?)


You haven't lost your touch  ;)



I see one easter egg, I must be blind or forgetting something because I'm not seeing more than that!!

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Thanks guys! It's been a bit challenging in terms of choosing where to cut them into parts, but I'm glad people are liking it up till now. Part 5 is kind of kludgey, but had to stop rewriting it sometime! :)


Hey there Feylan, thank-you! Time sure flies, good to see you here. Yes I think only 1 SB reference in the parts that have been posted so far, but more to come!

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Writing combat well is hard.  /understatement


Honestly, I had to re-read parts once or twice to really get a mental picture of the battle lines moving. But, that's usually true for me even when reading the same type of thing in a published novel, so take that for what it's worth, heh...


My only real complaint is this: Anthrage as a Knight?  :huh:  Nonsense!

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