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<WarriorPoetsGaming> PvX Guild! Coming To CF!!

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WarriorPoets, Is a multi-national gaming community.  We have been around the MMO space for 13 years, having a large influence in a number of different gaming titles.  We are always looking for friendly, mature players to join with us in one or more of the games we play.  Including community-sponsored tagged guilds in mmo's or just social games like mobas, come and join us for a ton of fun.

WarriorPoets has a vast and accomplished past, In a time when many MMO communities tend to lean to the toxic or childish.  We take pride in upholding the concept of "Honor among gamers."  Although we understand gaming is a past time or hobby for most of our members.  We still have standards and expectation we feel all our members regardless of the game they are in, should uphold.  

If you wear the tag, know you represent all that WarriorPoets upholds.

Simple expectations for any and all games for the WP community:

  • TS3-Voice coms are a crucial aspect of any successful Guild.
  • Respecting all the members in WP gaming (regardless of game)
  • While in game do all you can to uphold to WP beliefs and goals.
  • Always look to progress yourself and your guild members.  
  • Have Fun!!

For more information please visit our site.  If you wish to apply for any games we are currently in or to just join the community to await the release of Crowfall please see site.


Thanks and HH to all.

Here is one of the many accomplishments/events/fun had by all from WPG.  Enjoy









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Oh hey Danny, i doupt you remember (Krevra/Fourtyseven) me but i was in your guild for a short while in Archeage Alpha, good luck to you guys if you decide to play Crowfall, im super hyped for the game myself.


Def a guild to check out if interested!


Btw nice looking site, better then most guild sites i seen, gonna be working on mines, so challenge accepted haha.


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Good to see you again Fourty and yes I do remember you.  Was great to have you run with us while you did ;p.  You left to soon we ended up having an amazing run in AA. Toke a castle, helped Xen get theirs and still holding ours today.  


The officers worked hard on the site, thanks for that.  I'll let them know.



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Hey All,

My name is Surgemaster and I heard about Crowfall™ from voxis in skyforge. This game looks amazing. I started playing mmo's with lineage 1 (Dep and LoA) and everquest. I'm glad to see that these guys are so passionate about bringing back what we all love most about the mmo genre. I can not wait for this title. Looking forward to joining warrior poets in game.


"I don't know what I don't know" -Me

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Good hell is great to see some familiar faces here again!!  Man I haven't checked this forever ;p.  So WarriorPoets has come back and starting to take a more serious look into Crowfall, a few of us are in beta, and we are extremely happy!  We will be here for sure and looking forward to head start and future betas ;p.


Thanks all Happy Hunting




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