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How Much Effect Should R N G Have?


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In reply to some information given, I want to ask the community a simple question:


In your opinion, how much should RNG affect Crowfall? In what aspects?


I believe that when you try to enchant, upgrade, level up, etc, any kind of gear, RNG should be involved. That's the only way to keep highly-upgraded gear from becoming common and easy to obtain.

Only a few dozens should have "full gear". With that I mean gear that have maxed out stats, +MAX_NUMBER_HERE(glowing ^_^ ), full of runes/spells/echantments/whatever-they-are-called. There's a chance of success, so there you have it, RNG ladies and gentlemen.


Also, item decaying. Sometimes when you get hit or something, the durability of your item should be - or not - decreased by x much. Go for it, RNG!


Also, criticals in combat. Some classes are usually highly dependant on criticals (usually assassins, maybe duelists) so there are chances to hit a critical blow, RNG applies.


There might be a few more I'm forgetting right now but, either way, what's your opinion on RNG, guys?


I wish I knew how to make a poll on this subject, but I just can't find it :(... sorry.


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