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Physical Server Locations?

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Like with every new game i get excited about i Never see a FAQ stating "Physical Server Locations" its a big issue for oceanic players like myself and many others

most MMO's being over 200-350ms makes for unenjoyable gameplay and clunky actions eg. TERA (avgerage ping will sit around 400ms) which means even chaining action buttons are impossible 

I noticed Dev's are posting from Austin TX - meaning its only going to be a NA server only? this problem alone has caused me to kickstarter games

looking forward to replies Thanks in advance 

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They said they would have a NA server. They are working with other companies to get EU and Asia servers. The Asia server would most likely be in singapore dont know if it help. They have talked a little about their plans in the EU thread. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3283-european-publisherrelease/

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Gives me ze Linux client

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