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Order of Phoenix


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I am Ominus Phallus from PHX


Our Mission Statement


To create a friendly gaming environment, while providing a competitive presence in the gaming world.

Standards and Guidelines



"Be Respectful"

The Order of the Phoenix prides itself by being respectful of other individuals, gaming organizations, and service providers. By our nature, we have already become a highly respected guild because of our friendliness to others, and our helpful nature. Joking with individuals is fine inside of games, but being disrespectful to an individual, regardless of their actions towards you is unacceptable.

"Be Honest"

Regardless of the game, lying and being dishonest in dealings is highly frowned upon. This is more prevalent in MMORPG games, but the rules apply in any PHX Division game. Also included is cheating through hacks or exploits. Such methods do not help anyone and only stand to hurt our reputation. Cheating of any kind in any guild game will not be tolerated. In fact, do not joke about cheating or anything else that may bring suspicion upon the guild.

"Have fun"

These are just games. As much as we sometimes get wrapped up in the excitement and frustration created by these games, we all want to explode with some emotion, but in the heat of the moment, remember that these are just games, a time to relieve ourselves of the real world. Enjoy yourselves.....

"Respect for guild members."

When playing guild games when other members, please acknowledge each other accordingly. This is to promote guild comraderie. We would hope that when you bid greeting on arriving in game, that we all would take just a moment to say 'Hi'. We do understand that when in combat or busy that it is difficult to always return greetings.

Harassment or bad language is frowned upon. Be aware of the environment you are in. For example, in Soldier of Fortune 2, more leniancy is granted because the game is rated mature, so assumptions are made as to whom should be playing. In other games where the playing community may include younger individuals (younger than 18), please use appropriate language. This will not be moderated, as none of us need/want to be babysat. Appropriate investigation will be taken if numerous complaints are being received within a game that the language is undeniably inappropriate.

Insulting guild members in public (while not in jest) will not be tolerated. Additionally, under no circumstances, should the decisions or judgements of guild leadership ever be questioned in public. There are guild member only forums that are available for those discussions. We must always present a unified front. No one is asking that you blindly accept the decisions, but that you use proper judgement in where those discussions are held.

"Promote Teamwork and Teamplay"

Part of the reason for joining a guild is for comradarie and partnerships. We all would rather be playing with some of our guild members if possible, so all that is being asked is that if the opportunity arises to play with a guild member(s), make your best effort to join that/those individual(s).

"Check the guild website weekly."

This is a MUST. Everyone is to check the site at least once a week, if not more, for upcoming events and announcements. This is our best way of getting information out to you all.

Recruitment and Membership Guidelines


In order to provide for a quality guild experience for all, it is essential to provide for the recruitment of quality members. Being that a guild is only as strong as the least of its members. All members are asked to abide by the following guidelines.

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Thank god our team logos are different but my personal logo is the same as your teams, and we both have websites, might i suggest an early alliance( if thats possible in crowfall) between 2 Phoenixs

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