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What beta group are you in?

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Group 6. Whether that means a longer wait or not doesn't bother me as I see either result as awesome.


In early? - I get to play as soon as possible and help with bugs straight away!


In later? - Plenty of bugs already squished and I get a better initial impression!


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6 :/  I'm a JavaScript programmer, and work from home, so you would think I have all the time in the world to be one of those annoying people with a billion useless posts on these forums, but alas, I have a life.


I also have 4 kids, so when I'm not working, I'm usually letting them play Minecraft and GW2.  However, feel free to search any big MMO release(with PvP) and my user name, and you'll see I was there in beta, at release, or else I played it for a while.


If they are going to rate peoples quality of Beta feedback and interest in the game based on dumb poorly made socks like spamming the forums with pointless hyped up posts, then I guess this wasn't the game I thought it was.


See you whenever beta 6 group gets their hands on things.  I was looking forward to dishing out up to a few hundred $$ on this game, but not if I won't get into beta with the first couple waves.

Poor you and your entitlement then I guess? You even have kids (very relevant btw), you should receive some perks for ensuring the continuation of humanity.

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