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Crowfall Kickstarter Update #8

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Middleware is definitely cost and time savings in a bottle, but as a lead for a dev team myself I've started to notice some complications to this; namely if something goes wrong, it takes a long time to fix because the local team is just making 'glue' to stick all of the modules together. You need to get the middleware vendor into the loop, and that adds a lot of time to the cycle.


Has this problem reared its head for you guys at ACE? Or are you working at a pretty close level with the middleware vendors and have them already in the dev cycle?


Just curious.

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I felt like this update was brought on after the discussion in this thread yesterday honestly.

Thought I did enjoy reading it nontheless to know the precise reasons why they chose to use it. The general thoughts the community have about it and why it is ideal were pretty consistent with what he said I thought too.

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