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The Crowfall Chronicles - The Tales Of Vaandus - 1


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I've been having a great time weaving different characters into the story that have been created by other folks on these boards.  A few people have started writing their own stories in the Nest scenario and here's one by Vaande.  All the writing is his!

You may remember the centaur in the tavern in Martletown that laid out Olbuf with a few swift back hoof kicks.  His name is Vaandus and here's more of him...


The Tales of Vaandus - The Battle of the Dead Forest - Part 1
By Vaande


The forest floor had become a white carpet thanks to the increasing amount of snow that fell over the day. Amid the silence, a small rabbit had moved, only his red eyes set him apart from the rest of the scene. He seemed to look for something to eat that could help him endure the long winter that was approaching.  His attention was drawn by the sound of sliding snow from a nearby pine and then the last sound he heard was that of an arrow going through the frosty air.

A silhouette appeared in the brushes with a hunting bow in his right hand. It did not take long for the strange silhouette to take shape.  It was a centaur, somewhere in his forties. The man approached the inert body of its prey, which when alive was invisible to most forest predators. Now a strong red color allowed the hunter to find it easily. But when he reached down to retrieve his prize, the centaur was surprised by a second arrow that seemed to have caused the fatal wound.

"I believe I won the hunt contest"

The voice came from a tree that was a little above the current location of the Centaur. In one of its branches, was an albino Elken, who, with a satisfied look, watched the centaur, anticipating his reaction.

 "I do not remember inviting you to a competition, Alby. Disrupting the pastime of an old centaur is your new hobby? "

Without delay, the Elken jumped off the branch and landed next to the body of the little bunny, taking it by the hind legs and letting it drop into a leather bag.  Alby then decided he should discuss the real reason for being there.

 "Think of it as a punishment for sending us into the icy forest while you, our leader, sat in a warm hut eating a good meal. But no, that was not the main reason I'm here.   Ange found something…”



Vaandus and Alby arrived in the clearing near the center of the forest. There stood another centaur and one guinecean, who was sitting up on his haunches.


 "Welcome back Captain!" said an approaching centaur, his right hand near his forehead to make a salute.  Vaandus interrupted him with a hand movement.


 "I think I already told you to not to call me that anymore, Argus.  Anyway, Alby told me that you guys found something to show me."


 Without warning, Luis, the guinecean, stood on top of Argus’ back, using his left hand to throw his small cape with a flourish behind him. 

Perhaps he was trying to make himself look somewhat important since he was a bit taller than normal up on the centaur’s back.


"Yup! We found! Look at that! "


 The little one pointed to a part of the snow that had been sunk by the weight of something, something very big. It did not take long for Vaandus to realized that there was blood all over the place, but that was not what really worried him.  What caught his attention was the way it seemed that the body had been taken.


 "Ange was chasing what looked like a bear for a while, since he appeared to have lost control due to the lack of food. To prevent it from attacking the inhabitants of Martletown, the girl decided to end his suffering, but this is what she found and we think ... "


 A serious look appeared in Vaandus face when he deduced what Argus was about to say.


 "That there is no top predator nearby, only the hunger would be able to take down the bear and in addition, Ange is following the tracks to make sure that is the hunger and I do not see the twins here, they probably followed her... You idiot! How can you allow this!? "




"We lost her, it was stupid to follow a fae in the first place, what will you do if we get lost and die from the cold!"

 The speech was accompanied by the loud sound of impact as the right hand of a knight hit the back of the head of the other. With his left hand the other pointed to a distant place, between the trees.

 "Stop complaining, she's right there."

You could see at the location indicated by the knight, a small golden glow that moved quickly between the trees. It was a fae, more specifically, it was Ange. To avoid destroying any trace made in the snow, she had decided it would be best to follow her target by travelling up in the trees.  She looked about sixteen and was wearing light clothes, with leather pieces that served to hold two hunt knives that were located on each leg. In her waist, was a leather belt with some throwing knives.

 "Something is wrong, I have not seen any animals in a while.  Also, it seems that I only have two more hours of daylight.  If I stop and try tomorrow the tracks will be covered thanks to the wind.  I need to make sure. "


As she spoke to herself, Ange was surprised by the sight of a woman with her back turned towards her. She was next to the small entrance of a cave. Maybe something happened and she has sought shelter from the cold in the cave.  In any case, she should not be wandering around in a dangerous place.  Thinking about it, the Fae jumped off the branch on which she was, getting a few meters away from the woman, close enough so she could hear her.

 "This place is dangerous. I'll get someone to accompany you back to your home.  Can you tell me where you live?"

The woman, wearing the clothes of a farmer, reacted to the sound of Ange's voice and then turned slowly. Seeing the reaction of the stranger to her words seemed to take a weight off Ange´s shoulders, but soon she wished she hadn’t spoken. . Although not flashy, something definitely was there, and it was proof that that person had become the victim of the hunger. As the woman was faced Ange, under a part of her shirt that was torn at the shoulder was a wound emitting a bluish color.  It was enough to confirm the concerns of the young fae.

 "Is the hunger ... I need to tell this to the ...!"

As she took a few small steps back, the fae’s back hit against something and suddently she was surprised by the head of a man, his eyeballs covered by a deep blue, clearly intent on biting her neck.  A tip of a spear suddenly appeared out of the man’s skull as if it was designed to be part of it, preventing his bite.  The spear was removed and the man’s lifeless body fell to the ground, causing the fae to jump to the side to evade it.  She looked up to see a familiar face.

 "Garbis! What are you doing here? This place is dangerous! "

Before the spearman could say anything, a flying arrow passed between the two, hitting the right eye of the infected woman who was coming slowly towards the group and making her fall to the ground.

"Garbis and I should ask you the same question. Come on, I'm not liking what I'm seeing here and I am not looking forward to the face of the captain when we tell how we ventured without his permission in this reconnaissance mission. "

Brand was the one talking, the twin brother of the spearman. He was equipped with a normal sized sword and a shield that had been modified to have a small hidden beast inside.  This weapon was the one that had been used to fire the arrow that killed the infected woman.

However, it might not be able to take care of the large infected humanoid group that were coming out of the cave.

"Let's get out of here! We have to regroup with the captain and the rest, We cannot handle this alone! "


There was no discussion, the three turned and began to run toward the dense forest. Ange, Garbis and Brand thought it would be easier to outwit the infected in a place full of obstacles.  How they were wrong ...



The Tales of Vaandus  - Part 2 - http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3730-the-crowfall-chronicles-the-tales-of-vaandus-2/

Edited by Oridi


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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Thx for letting me make part of the crowfall chronicles. It was a lot of fun to write everything, but i am still a novice. I will keep watching to see what the people have to say and how i can become better o/.

"An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until he never gets it wrong." -The Lost Stories  


✣Junte-se a nós✣

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