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Tool To Track Blog Posts On #crowfall


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Ever wanted to see what all is being said about Crowfall? We are all eager to hear more about the game, and most of the time I personally want to see what people are thinking about it. Blogs serve an important part of the process in dissecting all of this information being thrown at us.


I began work on this tool over a year ago, and was not surprised when it discovered that the most popular subject amongst ~275 or so blogs was #Crowfall. 


Scr.ee (http:/scr.ee) is a really simple tool that scours the blogophere looking for #hashtags (or guessing them when needed) and linking you directly to the source of the articles. It ranks these #hashtags by whats trending over the last ten days. 


If you run a gaming blog or started one up recently for Crowfall, please let me know so I can start tracking your posts!




Hope you find this useful!







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