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I Hope Mage Combat Is Good.

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I think mage combat could be something as follows (this is only based on how I could see it working out)   Some spells are going to be able to be cast on the fly. I see these as your bread and butte

I played a game similar to that one showed, and the mage class was actually very similar as well, using a big hammer. It was called Divine Souls.   Anyway, all I hope is that I can still use AoE mag

I've never been a fan of overly flashy animations, they tend to be used to hide poorly animated combatmechanics. I also hope the mage stuff is good, but I do hope ACE shows restraint on the flashy ef

I played a game similar to that one showed, and the mage class was actually very similar as well, using a big hammer. It was called Divine Souls.


Anyway, all I hope is that I can still use AoE mage spells in friendly fire "on" worlds, also hoping that there's only FF in The Dregs...

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The video was to show something different other then point and spam the same skill.  I want a mage class that is active and fun to play with lots of different animations and different types of skills. 


The worse thing they can do is have an ice attack, fireball attack and maybe a earth attack all casting a different colored projectile with same  BORING animation!!


Put the flashy crap aside and see the depth of the combat in that video.  It is fast action and looks fun!!

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I envision the confessor as a flame throwing ranged sniper. How mobile they are will make a big difference on they style of play.


If they have to be static to get their spells off, then the combat will not be very dynamic.


If they can be mobile, not only will it be fun to play, but they could be devastating. Mobile DPS is always hard to counter, especially when the type of class already has a sterotype of doing great DPS. (as most fire mages tend to be)

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Less flash....the skill animations in this I think are done fairly well. You know what they're casting and it still looks magey, but it's not over the top and it doesn't kill your eyes or your fps (unless of course there's a lot of Sorcs on screen, but that's normal).




And before someone QQ's, the lock-ons are almost all CC's and debuffs, with the exception of one poor damaging move.

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Interestingly enough, I don't think they showed any mage combat in the overview video and I didn't see any footage of a melee class being supported either. It would be interesting how mage or range attack would turn out. I hope the effects of the attacks are good.


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I am sorry, but it appears we have a totally different view on fun fast paced action combat.  If all we are going to be able to do is stand there animation locked casting 1 spell after another pretending to be in combat this combat will surely suck.


I know it is early in development, BUT, I have not seen any gameplay released that even remotely looks close to tera.  As matter of fact I will even go 1 step further.  The videos I have seen are total crap and one would be better playing a game from the 90's with tab target other then what I see in crowfall so far.  The animation of swinging a sword don't even come close to hitting.  Those god awful telegraphs look like crap and ones char does not even flinch when hit. Where are the physics they as bragging about? They just stand there happily swinging away.


I hope this combat they released is not indicative of what they are planning to release.  if they just build on the crap they have shown us, we are only gonna have a bigger pile of crap.  I pray to the creator,  they released the current combat iteration,  as something to release, to show off the game for kick starter.

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Combat in Crowfall feels like this to me..






here is archage combat, still very bland....





This is Tera..





Don't be shy, show me what you guys expect....

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I think you will see a mobile style combat. Hit markers will be in a range in front of your facing for melee, Range will require aiming, and magic will be animated like Tera (which based on the link, isn't really that dynamic)


I think the confessor will have a combination of some spells that are static and mobile, but will require aiming and placement.


Lastly, we haven't seen really anything on the combat here. The clips so far have been meh, but not what it will be. In fact, most of the clips show AoE attacks which does not at all represent much of anything yet.


I wouldn't call it crap yet, I would call it we haven't seen anything on it yet...we need more, that is all.

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