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The Titan X

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I might have to purchase this. 

There is 2 chips nvidia is going to release, one of them is this one, the other one however is their "secret big weapon", they are waiting for AMD to make move to release their big guns (;..; ).


If i were you , i would wait for that unreleased one. But again if i were you , i wouldnt buy anything since i already would have 980 sli in that case



I hear this thing starts at $1200. It almost cost as much as my build =( 

Its possible that it will cost around that price, one another possibility is 750$ price tag, they might go price/performance for this one just like 900 series.
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Sitting on 780's and only plan to upgrade right before Star Citizen PU release. We'll see how this compares in real world performance, benches don't mean much to me.

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I remember back when people were excited for the 6800 GTX. How time flies.. Anyone remember the fat guy CGI they used to promote that card?


That 6800 played CS 1.6 FLAWLESSLY! 

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I bought one of these to replace my old 560 Ti and should have it by this weekend.  It is certainly overkill for my needs and overpriced relative to performance, but I didn't want to wait any longer.  For the past couple years I have been telling myself "I'll wait for the next one" with each new series of cards released by Nvidia, and even though I know the reasonable thing to do would have been to wait for the 980 Ti, I just couldn't wait any longer.

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