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Not a question but, thanks for making a game that allowed stealing and never really nerfing it.  Not to mention a thief was completely capable in combat and stealing with out having to sacrifice one or the other. 10/10


Something that has a huge silent following but rarely shows up in games now anud since.  It gave ultimate purpose to the rune gathering meta and just generally made being in the wild feel a bit more dangerous.

+1 to thanks for the best Thief class in any MMO.


I'm really hoping we'll still see a Thief archetype, promotion class, or discipline in Crowfall.

Yes! Thank you!

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Huh.  Let's see if I can pull this thread back on-topic.     Highly doubtful.   but here goes.    ...   When we started Shadowbane, we had two main inspirations: (1) Braveheart, specifically the

Yes he did. There was a longer reason but essentially it came down to he disagreed with the attempted genocide (killing all the Elves) and thought it the only way to stop the war. Also, he (Caeric) ne

Take a seat, kid. 


- the actual sword, "Shadowbane", didn't exist in the game.  We never even made the 3D object.  Our idea was to make it a relic that caused permadeath on everyone who touched it -- you could wield it, and if you killed someone with it, their character was wiped!  BUT if you died while wielding it, YOUR character was deleted.  and the blade would fall to the ground, for the next guy to pick up.  I still think this idea has amazing, untapped griefing potential.








I don't recall exactly when I started playing beta.  ( it wasn't alpha ) - however - one thing I remember quite clearly was some guy who was killing everybody and stealing their pants.


Talk about griefing...   lol

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Wasn't there a rune that allowed you to Dual-Wield? I can't remember if it had (Base) Class restrictions or not, just that it had a DEX requirement.

There was - didn't do custard pies for mages though.

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So, just to say, these FC events were FRIGGIN' AWESOME. Its unfortunate so few actually were able to participate  My favorite story/quest events in an MMO were:

  1. An event in early UO (I think beta) where a GM spawned wave after wave of orcs and overran a portion of the map, roleplaying the entire time. 
  2. Collectively the Shadowbane FC system.  No pre-canned quest content.  Completely interactive.  And insanely expensive in terms of brainpower (the Devs were the ones at the wheel).

So while I am digging up old stuff, here is a narrative I wrote about The Undead Tower event (Beta build 3.3):















Ren, I am so glad you kept this stuff.     That was the build where Redemption went Morloch crazy ( rp wise ) - that was a FUN build.    Half the guild took my eternal characters ( Redhand ) surname as theirs..    it was awesome.

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