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cannibal man

Largest Zerg Caught On Vid?

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Link the vids! EVE and DF will probably be the winners.


That was pretty big. Idk if anyone ever got it on video, but the time blood seiged a holding on ruby all of ruby and cairn alliance plus a lot of merc guilds pretty much surrounded the entirety of the red pyramid from the ground.

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When Blizzard's WoW was at it's best and in a few private servers, faction invasions were pretty massive. Dominating cities was just beautiful.

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We need vids people, vids!!!


I can only think of one DF vid that had more people on screen, it was a dusk siege against a clan called mercenaries. I found 2 out of the 3 videos, but the third has a helluva lot more people on it than the other two. If anybody has the link to the vid I'm talking about, let me know.

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I can't even.  You win, I am done with this part of the discussion.


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Some of the early day sieges on Yssam were custard huge. There was at least one siege that had well over 300 people in one small place.


Nothing can top EVE though. There have been battles with over 4000 players in one area.

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My favorite was the earliest war on EU DF at FC. Harm and Tempest allied 23 guilds to come at us. When you zerg hard, you better win.




Part of their force moving in on our doorstep



That part meeting up with another part



The few vs many from our perspective 



The many vs few perspective



After the dust settles ..sounds of our enemies claiming we were the zerg.



Same old story in DF:UW - Seems zergs have a thing for us


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Eve wins if you consider it a game. Early DF Ice Wars and Hyperion versus Stasis on Yssam probably second.


I didn't record vids before Shadowplay, so here's some terrible early DF pew pew Euro zergs as consolation prize.



Sorry but EVE's not even close.  If you want to see the biggest zerg the world has ever seen, log in to PlanetSide 2.  Happens every 10 minutes and the game's free.

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