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Crimson Brotherhood (Lore Sb Guild.)

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Was Vindication Lore Test and Saedron Lore proper? If so, I was only on the former. I've been trying to remember more about my time there but its kinda vague unfortunately. We beat the Rockheads in the war of Dwarven supremacy then fought a tonne of mine battles against the Aelfborn / Centaurs, then I guess the server went down.


Magnar Ironrule - guild leader of Ironhold (the Dwarven nation). 

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I just hope we can experience the same epic strategic combat feeling/situation in Crowfall: Blue dots inc. - which direction? pretty much everywhere.. - we are surrounded!  

That was an epic experience in SB though and so many other great memories from that game. :)

We don't need the 'blue dots', but a chaotic battle for castles, POI on the map - i really looking forward to that. 

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Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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I can't take credit, it's popped up several times on this forum. Been showing it to all my guildies as many of us feature, heh. Think its just about the only video from that era that has us in it so it's been pretty cool for that!

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Where are you after all these years? :)


..maybe it's just me who remember the brave dorf guild since I had a toon in that guild? 



Haven't seen Conman in a good long while but I did start out SB in a subbed guild (Durus Vir) to the Crimson Brotherhood on Chaos server, then in Vindication Test my guild (LB from the other video) joined up with CB for awhile.

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we could all use moar dorfs...


where Conman at?


if someone tossed him...



You can find Conman on Steam all the time.

The Shipwrecked Pirates


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