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How Often Do Devs Look At The Suggestion Box Forum?

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Comparisons are all we really have to gauge our funfactor off of though my man. This game isn't completely unique in this genre. 


Consider comparisons our attempt at understanding the content you guys have yet to fully release details on.


Difference for the sake of being Different is not conducive to the development of a product. Difference for the sake of Improvement is and requires comparison.


Here's a comparison conducive to this suggestion box: "I really hope your guys' unity engine work does not end up like Shroud of the Avatars, because their input delay , camera movement and delayed character response in relation to the camera is clunky at best."


Would love to see more things about unity and how you guys plan on separating it from it's dirty laundry list of games.


He was not talking about comparisons... he was talking about people who want the game to BE another game. Like they want GW3 or something or the people who say "you should just implement GW world v world. The devs are trying to improve upon the old and combine things in a way they've never been done before and it sounds epic! Some people however just want another guild wars or another wildstar... Which we don't need at the moment.

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The fact of the matter is that no two players have the exact same game tastes. No matter how bad (or good) an idea may seem, it is likely that it simply does not match the tastes of some (many) other players. There are many 'high and mighty' people on these forums who have an idea of what they want this game to be and viciously attack any who think differently than them. These same players often have brainwashed themselves into believing that Crowfall will be everything they want and more. Those players are just fooling themselves. The truth is, Crowfall will be enjoyable to some (hopefully many), terrible to others, and perfect to none.


That being said, every suggestion should be considered. Many ideas will not fit into the vision Artcraft has for Crowfall, but those ideas may still spark ideas or lead to different ideas that make the game enjoyable to a broader audience while alienating relatively few of their previously loyal fan-base (no matter what idea a developer has for a game, there will ALWAYS be people who do not like the change, no matter how good the change seems).


If someone comes on these forums and tries to suggest Crowfall change all their systems to be lets say... World of Weasels 2.0: Carebares and Rainbows Edition, they will certainly be viciously, rudely, and relentlessly attacked, but this is wrong. We should look at such posts and try to understand what frustrates them so much about the features declared in Crowfall and explore what can make a PvP game enjoyable to a player who may only be used to themepark PvE MMOs. I know as for myself, I love PvP, but I think it is one of the hardest things to pull off well and I am rarely pleased with the results in most games (so I play more PvE games despite PvP centric games having greater potential). I think if anyone can pull it off though, it is the team at Artcraft which is why it is the ONLY game I have ever put even close to this much money towards in support of (I loved the PvP that required teamwork to succeed like in games such as DAoC but am utterly disgusted by the rampant hate, immaturity and toxic community of games like League of ... er... Legumes, or the random chaos of games like UO).

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