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Artcraft You Need To Get Organized Pronto!

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We like / love suggestions...


...Luckily, there's a good number of great ideas floating around. A lot we've already discussed internally, and some that are brand new to us that have sparked a lot of interesting conversations. 



This is great news.  It tells me that a) you guys are listening, b )  we the hydra-headed hive mind actually do come up good ideas that you guys didn't think of yet, and c) it's not too late for you to actually do something with those ideas. 


Put all that together and it is really encouraging!

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"We need your thoughts -- tell us what you think is cool, what you think is lame, and what doesn't make any sense at all.


Second, we need your ideas! This is a discussion, not a sermon. We're building this game for you. Without a passionate audience, no MMO can survive. Jump into the discussion, let us know your opinions. We made not always agree, but you won't have a voice at the table unless you speak up."

- JToddColeman


Want to know what's really rude? Shutting down another person's ideas without a well-reasoned set of arguments and resulting to ad hominem attacks. Just saying.


As to the "crowd sourcing will ruin the game's vision" statement, refer to JToddColemans quote above.


At the end of the day this game will need to make money to pay for he cost of continued development, servers and bandwidth. If it can't, it'll fail.


And who will pay the bills? The people who pay for the game and then continue to pay for VIP. But there has to be a compelling enough set of features and gameplay for people to pay 15 bucks per month (which is what WoW costs by the way) over the long term.


Without knowing what features their backers most want this game will fail in the end. Oh they may pull out 1.something million up front but of those 12000 people, how many will continue to pay 15 bucks per month after the first few months? Wildstar is struggling to keep going and this is way, way more of a niche game.


If they can't make their core supporters happy this game will flop.

I have an excellent solution for your issue that I bolded above: All you have to do is pledge $250. Think about that for a minute. You get the game, that's $50 worth (or so, estimate right now). THEN, you also get 6 years....six. stinking. years of VIP. You don't have to drop another dime for six. stinking. years.


Let's do the math:


No pledge:


$50 for game

$15 month VIP x 6 years






Amber pledge: $250 game + 6 years of VIP (And also? The mounts that your $250 pledge will help us all reach.)


I just saved you $880, and a whole lot of angst. That'll be 5 cents, please.

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... a system where anyone can submit ideas for public review and then every backer gets 20 votes and can spend up to three votes on any one idea. Backers can also post replies and suggestions based on each other's ideas.


Very quickly you will see what everyone is wishing for because those ideas will get the most votes and then you'll know what to put for stretch goals.


Here's what this looks like in action:




I like the idea of organizing the suggestion section in a way that highlights the most popular suggestions. I guess that if a suggestion obtains a large amount of positive feedbacks from the community, it has a higher chance to be valuable for ACE and Crowfall.


I'm sure that, right now, it must take a lot of time and effort for the devs to search for the pearls among the hundred of "more hats" threads. There are currently 30 pages of suggestions and new ones are flowing increasingly.


I think new stretch goals could possibly be found using this feature, only if it meets ACE vision and they think it would be beneficial for Crowfall.  


I'm saying it because I want the game to be a success and get tons of people backing it.


I'm convinced that you've taken the time to create this thread because you're well intentioned and want Crowfall to succeed.


Sometime the idea is interesting, but the message is formulated in a way that makes it look repulsive to the readers. That can be changed.  :)

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Okay...  :(


You made Tully post a sad face!  You're going on the grief for life list!  Shame on you.


The only reason I hate backer games is that people like OP think they are investors whose ideas must be implemented. You are a backer. You like their vision and trust Artcraft to make the game they have outlined. If you have good ideas that they decide to implement, great. If they don't implement the ideas, you still get the game. You aren't entitled to be a part of the design process.


Crowdsourcing for money is def a double edge sword.


Best post I've read from you!

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As someone who was into Firefall a long time ago.

Has won second place on the gamescom first tournament with a group of crazy people (Still love our Assault ... ohh god, whatever he took.).


I was there when Firefall was actually 1.0.

After they added that function, it went haywire ... atleast for my liking.

Somethings upvoted were usefull.


Others .. people WANTED (atleast they tought so) but then HATED.


I think it's good enough to have people talk with the dev's and see their ideas.

In the end i hope no such system get's implemented here.

Too likely to be exploited and too likely to mess up the game.




And yes i play Firefall still. About 1~3 times a month. Sometimes not even for months.

It just lost it's flair to me atm.

I hope they get it together and establish a great game.

But for me only the "ball game" of it, seems fun atm.


Ahh i remember good old times, where we had heal leashes ... they needed to go, but it was so fun xD.


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I think they would have that system going once the details of the game is sorted out. Right now I believe only Artcraft members can contribute to arts. Art suggestion forum would definitely be a requirement as the game enters alpha stage though.


Chalcitis - A Treasure Hunting Guild, visit Forum Post

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I read this title as "Artcraft You Need to Take an Organized Photo"


Let's see those pics.

1.75 mil stretch goal. Artcraft bourdois shoot.



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The keywords that people read in the title are "Artcraft", "Need", and "Organized"... everything else is variable... almost MadLibs:


Artcraft _______ Need _______ Organized ______

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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