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Item Customization

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Sure you have items in some games that are "pick this skin or this skin," but I'm saying full-blown creative ability on aesthetics. Games supply some items that look cool and do nothing, sure, but is that really personal customization? Lots of games do supply plenty of character creation options, but there is always preset gear. I say to allow people to create their own gear, and use some sort of forge ability to mesh stats from in-game original items for the full experience. Somewhat like what Wizard101 did with crowns and the seamstress, but with us creating our own items and designs instead of preset choices.

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after enchanting, geming, and transmogrifying in WoW and GW2 I want no part of what your asking for.  just craft the item one time

I honestly liked SB's crafting system if you wanted a greataxe of awesomeness you went out farmed ,traded, killed for the mats and went to the axesmith and had it made.


keep it simple

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I would like to see it somewhat like Pirates, but with better clothing that isn't ugly. And please have the clothing designers make clothing suitable for adult players. We are tired of wearing clothing that makes us looking like toons.  Also, to have the choice to either wear a hairstyle or a hat like on wizard. Neverwinter game had more suitable clothing choices for adult players, but the system of enchanting and all that was too much and annoying.

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