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Exotic Races! (Minotaurs/nagas/etc..)

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Exotic races are cool. 

By "more exotic" do you mean a greater number of "exotic" races, or something with a greater level of "exoticness" (if that's a thing).   Because I don't know how to get more exotic than gun-toting,

I loved the concept of Elks, Centaurs and the Rodents in Crowfall and i will let here  my suggestion to add more exotic races/classes to the game, i am so excited for it! continue the good work devs! 

Since this is also a throne based game, I have yet to seen an exotic race in Game of Thrones.

Not trying to argue (just a point of clarification), but since you don't see Elkoids, Guineaoids or Elves in GoT, this game is not based on GoT. The reference to GoT is about the politics and backstabbing evident in that series, and will be a big part of this game.


This game is high fantasy, so exotics are part of the game.

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Sounds totally balanced to me  :D


I'd like to move away from perfect balance and more into the territory of fun and interesting. The balance could come from the fact that it's harder to become those races/classes than simply picking them at character creation. They could have limited lives too. Imagine doing a hard quest to become a Lich. You get one life, which is in your phylactery bottle, and you can only come out at night. You can hide your phylactery but can't go more than a certain distance away from it. You're powerful, but if someone finds the bottle they can kill you instantly... or bribe you?


If flying mounts were to make it into the game, which I'm not sure I want yet, how about a Gryphon race instead? Let the players themselves be the flying mounts. Imagine a guild of gryphons running a taxi service.

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I'd LOVE Nagas or Gorgons to be apart of the game. I really like the concept of Gorgons since they're in a really cool niche to temporarily freeze or paralyze your opponent. I feel like the Gorgons would be gender locked to females though, which I don't have a problem with. Nagas are just cool all around.


If we wanted to get really exotic, how does anyone feel about Rakshasas (Cat Demons), Djinn, or Efreets?

I think Rakshasas would make a cool Necromancer class and they break away from the common look of Demons.

I guess Djinn could be like Bladedancers (if that's not already a Discipline).

I could see Efreets being an alternate race for the Confessor archetype since Efreets typically use fire and two classes uses the same element seems redundant. Just something to think about.


If it's a few things I do really want to see is a Drake/Wyvern race and Avian race.


On the family tree of Dragons, Drakes and Wyverns (which aren't true Dragons) are at the bottom of the tree. Dragons typically are depicted as big, powerful winged lizards, so turning them into a playable race has it's own issues. However, Drakes and/or Wyverns aren't nearly as powerful so to seem something like a Drake Warrior or a Wyvern Wizard as an archetype would catch my eye.


An Avian race would be AWESOME though. I was kinda bummed ACE didn't get just a little narcissistic and throw in a Crow race for fun. Besides that, I just think some Bird-like creature would be cool to see. I picture Vulture-like creatures in my head the most, but it's their game.

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OR... they can give us Drakes/Wyverns as an archetype without the class options.  They're bloody dragonkin... they don't need a fancy Archmage wizard title to go with that.  All they need is flight, claws, and fire breath and they will STILL mess up your day.  Plus with specialization options, you can also go down the Path of Burning Breath while some other guy takes the Path of Biting Your Head Off.

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hmm if you'd really want to play a pure monster ,maybe some playable monsters could be unlockable as a long-term goal or something?At least that seems like something exciting to me..


And the Gorgon would most likely be gender locked indeed ..I wouldn't have a problem with that either..

While I went for a swim I was thinking about what weapons the gorgon could use.
Most classic one is probably the bow



I think their armor could be attached like these rings or plate armor at the hips,...


The melee staff/polearm would be a cool weapon for a gorgon perhaps:



and what about dagger or sword?


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Well since it's been rezzed, might as well use this opportunity to beg. Can we get a bird-man archetype someday devs? I mean it's called Crowfall, and we already have several different types of mammalian animal men, don't you think we should also have a corvid-themed avian archetype? Also please make the female counterpart as well, I would play it/buy it immediately. And no the Fae Assassin doesn't count, that's an elf with wings. I'm talking fully feathered baby, scutes and beaks all the way.


I'm pretty sure I saw a tweet by a dev (JTodd?) that said (in response to a question about bird people) that any bird-man archetype in Crowfall wouldn't be called Aracoix, but that he loves him some bird people. +1 to that notion, amazing amounts of "do want".


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It is a PvP based games, I'm sure there are other features but mounts will probably be used as transportation only. Since this is also a throne based game, I have yet to seen an exotic race in Game of Thrones.

Not sure your confused or I am you do know this isn't a game of thrones game right has nothing to do with it.

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Thralls that resisted the hunger long enough to break its enchantment over them, to then ascend into the Eternal Kingdom.





archetype: Warlock/Witch


Sub classes: Feral Warlock/Witch(Melee DPS), Necromancer(Specialist) , and Shade(Magic DPS)

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[TB] The Balance
Nation of Equilibrium

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